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How You’re Perceived Wearing These 12 Designer Brands

by luxirare
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I thought I’d share this slightly true/mainly amusing article about designer brands that I came across.

Let’s not take this too seriously, though.

I own two Celine bags and a few Prada and the description is on point. Haha banner

“Wearing anything Coach, but especially a Coach wristlet, screams that you are from the suburbs.”
“Someone who wears Coach represents someone who is fashionably stunted and living in the time of someone who is 16, entering the world of quasi-designer goods”.


“Celine is one of the biggest in trend designers right now. The brand seems to cater to a refined and cultured woman. Since normcore is so trending, it’s no surprise that Celine’s clean lines, classic silhouettes, and chic semblance is the most prominent brand right now.”


“When a man or woman wears Gucci, it just says you are loud and pretentious.”
“Someone who wears Gucci print anything states that they lack sophistication and the significance of understated elegance in their attire.”

  Louis Vuitton
“Louis Vuitton can say two things, depending on how you wear the brand. LV has a very immediate response to the wearer. When it is worn casually as a leather good that is held in high regard for ones appreciation for it’s reliability, it is more understated, but if it is an add on piece to an outfit, it quickly becomes tacky. A Louis Vuitton piece shouldn’t take the lead in making a fashion statement as it should be more of a utility piece than a fashion statement.”

Michael Kors
“To me, Michael Kors represents someone who desperately wants something designer but can’t really afford true designer brands prices. As many of the products are knock offs of other designer brands at a fraction of the cost, the brand is for someone who is fixated on labels but has settled.”

“A woman who wears Givenchy portrays somebody who is more visually avant-garde with her style, in a dark sense. It’s dark, edgy, modern, and young. It has a techno-street feel and has a lot of art as an influence. Anybody who leans towards Givenchy really wants to be recognized as an individual with noticeably different taste.”

Tory Burch
“A woman who wears Tory Burch screams “uptown girl”. It is for a woman who is unadventurous with her fashion choices and likes to conform and remain comfortable in what she wears. She is very practical and sensible in what she wears.”

Alexander Wang
“Alexander Wang’s product says that you are a minimalist dresser. You like luxury but you can’t afford Jil Sander.”

“Someone that wears Hermes screams that she is wealthy and refined. They clearly have a high appreciation for luxury, and see sensibility in their attire being both functional and having a long, lasting, elegant appeal. The wearer has a major appreciation for art in craftsmanship and sees the beauty in the simplicity and timelessness of the design.”

“Chanel can represent two types of women; a classically polished, timeless woman or someone who represents none of those qualities but is trying to emulate them to distort people’s perceptions of her.”

“People who still wear Burberry in 2014 purchased it in 2006 and just can’t let it go. It is for a preppier person who wants to show off a brand and pop their collar. They clearly think they are trendier than they really are.”

“Prada is for a more classic and reserved wearer. Someone who appreciates good quality and is not overly concerned about trends. The wearer is traditional and knows what they like and does not want to veer from it.”

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Cami camello 5th October 2018 - 5:59 pm

From your opinion I assume you wear Celine?

luxirare 11th October 2018 - 2:05 pm

Not anymore. I mainly wear Dior, Fendi and a few Prada ones.

Bix 29th March 2020 - 7:55 pm

What do you think about the person who wears Saint Laurent?


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