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Why Your Home’s Comfort is the Thing to Change for the Summer Months

by luxirare

Summer is here which means things are about to heat up, literally! While it’s a great time to go out and engage in outdoor activities during this time, this year’s events have forced us to change things up a bit. 

There is still a pandemic going on which means we will most likely be required to stay at home most of the time and limit the things we do outside. This isn’t exactly ideal. Summer months can get really hot and most people get irritable under hot temperatures. We get moody, fatigue easily, and socialize less with other people.

With that in mind, it’s important that you come up with ways to keep your home more comfortable this summer. Here are some steps you can take to make that possible.

  1. Have your air conditioner checked

Right before the heat wave hits, make sure to have your air conditioner checked. It should be in tip-top condition so that you can easily cool your home when it gets too hot.

  1. Get a dehumidifier

A hot and humid house is never a good combination. To prevent this from happening, you should have a dehumidifier which will remove the moisture and humidity from the air in your home. This leaves you with just dry air which is more tolerable in the heat.

  1. Know when to open doors and windows

During night time, shut your bedroom door. That way, all the cool air coming from the air condition circulates in the room and is not wasted on other rooms that are not being used. 

During nights when the air is cooler, you can give the air conditioner a break and open your windows and doors. This allows the cool air to flow through your home.

It can be tempting to open your windows during the day to let some air in but this can end up making your home feel hotter. When it’s hot outside, close your windows. This prevents unwanted air from penetrating into your home.

  1. Clear your space

It can easily get hot and cramped in your home when there’s too much stuff. You’ll need as much free space as you can during this hot season so take the time to put away things that you don’t really need. This includes a number of your throw pillows, rugs, and heavy curtains. These items are better suited for colder weather.

You may also find a comfortable modular sofa that can easily be customized according to your space. Furniture like this is great because you don’t have to position one big piece in one area of your home. You can place separate parts where they are needed and put away ones that are unnecessary. 

  1. Use reflective paint on your roof

Your home’s roof could be a big culprit behind why home gets so hot during the day. To fix this, simply repaint your roofs with reflective paint. This will effectively reflect sunlight back instead of absorbing it. 

  1. Use cotton bed sheets

Switch up your bedsheets to ones that are made in cotton and other natural fibers. These are more comfortable to sleep in since they are light and breathable. They don’t absorb as much heat as other fabrics do like silk or flannel. 

  1. Save chores during cooler hours

Plan your day so that you do heat-inducing chores like cooking, dishwashing, vacuuming, laundry, etc, during the cooler hours of the day, around early morning and late evening. If you must cook in the middle of the day, consider using the grill outside. The heat caused by cooking indoors tends to linger, which in turn, causes your air conditioner to work much harder.  

What other steps are you taking to make your home comfortable in the summer? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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