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Why You Should Transform Your Garden with A Retractable Roof

by luxirare

If you like sipping on Pina Coladas in your garden but are not so fond of getting caught in the rain, the best solution is to get a retractable roof pergola. These garden structures will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space all-year-round, no matter the weather. 

Sounds dreamy, right? Think about all the garden parties you could have and how you could eat outside every day. As Designer Shade Solutions mention on their website, you can sit in the shade or sun during warm months and if it starts to rain, these modern pergolas allow you to easily retract the roof, transforming it to a waterproof roof.

These modern pergolas are, as Whinge Whinge Wine puts it, “modern versions of traditional pergolas, which you might more be more familiar with – wooden garden structures that feature a lattice roof.” In her article, she also mentions how both structures can enhance your garden space, however, traditional pergolas lack weather protection.

Unfortunately, you wouldn’t be able to fully enjoy a traditional pergola if you live in a country that’s raining and cold most of the time. That’s one of the reasons why modern pergolas are the must-have! Who wouldn’t want to be able to experience their garden space for 365 days straight?

These outdoor structures are functional and highly aesthetically pleasing, thus are perfect for any garden. It comes as no surprise that pergolas were listed as one of the top landscape trends last year by the National Association of Landscape Professionals!

Pergolas can be installed as an extension to your home, right outside your patio or as a standalone structure in the middle of your garden to create an interesting focal point. This article on Life Daily also mentions, how these modern pergolas can be complemented with glass side screens, LED lighting and heating – which for me sounds like the perfect garden retreat!

What do you think of these retractable roof pergolas?

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