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Why It Is Worth Turning Your Home into An Oasis with Positive Vibes

by luxirare

Where do you go after a long, hard, irritating day at work? Most of us would like to say “on a tropical vacation”, but we all know that’s not a plausible scenario. We go home, of course, hoping to find a way to relax. Did it occur to you why you can’t relax as you hoped you would? In many cases, the culprit is the space surrounding you. It’s something most people don’t suspect, but a room that is clogged, out of balance, and has chaotic visual elements can disturb our mood. You may feel like something is bothering you, although you can’t actually put the finger on “what” does that to you.

It is a known fact that disorganized and clogged spaces can have a negative influence on how we feel. You may say that you just cleaned up and tidied everything, but why aren’t you feeling any better? Maybe you should consider redecorating a little, restructuring the space in which you live every single day. It is worth making it comfortable, relaxing, and pleasant. This means that you’ll have to get rid of old things you don’t use and lighten the atmosphere a little. So, whether you plan to redecorate or make slight adjustments to make your home more welcoming, here is a set of useful tips:

  • Do some in-depth cleaning

This means to go through all your belongings and get rid of the things you don’t use any longer. Let’s face it, if you didn’t use something in the past years, there are slim chances you’ll ever do it. If we’re talking about functional items, consider donating them to someone who needs them or organize a yard sale. This way, you’ll get some money on them as well. If you move out, some of your things, especially furniture may be worth leaving behind. Some may be rather old, while others may not fit in your new home. You can always find new gorgeous furniture tailored to your needs on LionsHome.co.uk.

  • Separate working space from the actual living space

In case you work at home or periodically do some work at home, you should have a specially dedicated corner or room for this. Consider investing in a functional desk and comfortable desk chair. Try to decorate this part of the home in a simple manner. Having fewer distractions around you will allow you to be more productive. For example, I found a great work desk on LionsHome.co.uk. It suited my tastes regarding design and fitted the corner I wanted to dedicate to my work.

  • Use neutral colors on the walls

To open up indoor space and give new life to your home, opt for light and neutral colors when it comes to painting the walls. Shades of beige and grey work great and give you plenty of room to decorate as you please, later on. You will love how space flows when the walls have a lighter color.

  • Choose chairs that match your sofa

To create a sense of balance, do your best to choose chairs or armchairs that match the sofa. Set them in a “U” or “H” shape, depending on the available space. Have a coffee table in between and use decorative pillows to complete this lounging and relaxation area.

  • Allow plenty of natural light to enter your home

Dark curtains or blinds covering your windows during daytime is not an option. If you want to have a home that can uplift your mood, you need to allow as much natural light as possible to flow into each room. Homes that look darker are suffocating and will negatively influence the way you feel. If people can see into your home, consider using see-through white or ivory curtains. This will allow the light to come in while keeping curious eyes out of your home during the daytime.

  • Place rugs under the feet of the furniture

Rugs are needed not just to boost the design of your home, but also to make it warmer and more comfortable. You can fix a rug under the feet of furniture, like under your coffee table. Usually, rugs should be placed in areas where you want to increase your comfort, like in the living room or bedroom, next to your bed.

  • Refurbish old fixtures

This is a great method that will save you money and will allow you to be creative. If you have old lighting fixtures you don’t want to throw away, you can always paint them in a different color. A can of colored spray should do the trick, just make sure to do this outside.

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