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What Your Wedding Dress Says About You

by luxirare
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After you said the biggest “Yes” of your life when you know you’re going to get married and organize your dream wedding, what’s the first thing you think about? You start picturing your wedding dress, of course. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and most certainly you want to make it unforgettable. You start picturing the outline of the ideal dress, look for design, check out the trends, and do everything you can to make sure your wedding dress will be perfect. Whether you’re looking to buy a bridal dress online or shop around the city, finding the ideal dress is a must.

But, did you know what your wedding dress can say quite a few things about you? Even if it may be hard to believe, the wedding dress you choose is a reflection of your personality or, at least, of your most important traits. After all, you do want a wedding dress that represents you and makes you look amazing. So, do you already know how you want your wedding dress to be? If the answer is yes, let’s see what the chosen wedding dress style says about you.

  • The Mermaid Wedding Dress

The women that choose this particular dress style are confident about their selves and feel comfortable in their bodies. If you like this dress, then you probably like your body as well and you’re not afraid to show it off. This dress is glamorous and sophisticated, so you will attract all attention over you with this dress. If you are even bolder, you can always opt for a two-piece mermaid wedding gown.

  • The Big Ball Wedding Dress

This style is also known as a “princess dress” and there’s a real reason why it is called this way. The big ball dress is indeed one that has an intricate design and, in most cases, opulent details. So, most certainly you will feel like a royalty when wearing it. Those that choose this dress want the best and know they deserve it as well.

  • The A-line Wedding Dress

This design is a modern one and is usually chosen by women that are neat and organized, and appreciate balance in all the sectors of their lives. If you want a safe choice, in terms of silhouette, this dress will make you feminine while covering the most sensitive parts of your body. This dress is elegant and can be upgraded with the help of accessories and various applications.

  • The Vintage Wedding Dress

Vintage dresses have a special charm and those that choose to wear such a dress for their wedding day are romantic and sentimental. You are the kind of person that loves her family and respects traditions. In many cases, the women that choose a vintage dress already have one that was once worn by their mothers or grandmothers.

  • The Sheath Wedding Dress

The sheath is another safe options when it comes to a wedding dress. The design is clean and meant to flatter your body’s line and curves. The dress is subtle and often has fine details, opting for class instead of opulence. So, you’re probably a person that enjoys intimacy, balance, and organization in your personal life as well. You are a confident person that enjoys carefully thinking every aspect of your life.

  • Short Wedding Dresses

Are you more tempted to choose a short dress, instead of the traditional long gown? Well, this means you are a fun person that doesn’t hesitate to try something new, even if this means to ignore the traditions once in a while. Those that choose such a dress see the wedding as an opportunity to enjoy themselves and make the most of the moment, so a dress that allows more freedom of movement appears to be much more suitable.

  • Colorful Wedding Dresses

You don’t like to stick to patterns and you enjoy having a wide range of options. This is why you see colorful wedding dresses as more appealing than those in traditional colors, like white or ivory. You’re not afraid to choose the dress that speaks the most to you and you’ll know how to become a bride that will not be forgotten. 

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