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What to Wear at the Races

by luxirare
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Horse races are, besides an event that will give you an adrenaline rush, a perfect opportunity to
strengthen your social connections, make new ones, and, of course, dress up. When it comes to dressing
up for a race, there are almost no limits as long as you aim to make a good impression. There are,
though, a couple of rules of what to wear at the races that will guarantee the success of your outfits if you respect them. Still, you don’t know how to bet on horse racing and you’re afraid that you’re going to make a fool out of
yourself? Luckily, you can always bet online, which is simpler and more discreet than doing it at the
counter. In fact, betting on horse racing online is easier than ever before, so you should give it a try and
convince yourself. Getting back at what you should wear at the races, here are a few useful

In the case of men, it is not mandatory to wear a tie and a jacket, unless you feel like it. Opting for casual
smart attire will be more than enough to feel like blending in with the crowd and display a great look
while still being comfortable. The ladies should focus more on the weather and occasion when choosing
their attires. Just have in mind that attending a horse race is not the same as attending a wedding or
spending your night in the club. Thus, make sure your dress or skirt is not too short, pick a pair of heels
that will actually allow you to walk around, including on grass, and don’t allow too much flesh to be
seen. If you think your outfit is too dull, we have some good news for you. Use a wide range of
accessories, whichever is most appropriate to complement your attire, and you will certainly make a
great impression.

Don’t be afraid of wearing solid colors. Such an outfit is the perfect statement of a strong personality.
You can mix colors us, if you have the courage, wear the same color from head to toes as long as you
throw in some accents by using accessories of a different color or go for modern prints. Depending on
the degree of risk you are willing to take, you can pair a printed top with a solid color bottom, you can
wear the same print all over, or even combine two different prints, something you would not normally
do, which look great together. You’re guessing that a monochrome combination will work best in your
case? Then go for it. You can never go wrong when choosing a black and white outfit.

What should be remembered is that you must wear accessories. Of course, don’t overdo it and decorate
yourself with all the accessories you can get your hands on. Sometimes, less is better, the whole idea
behind wearing accessories being to get a polished look by adding some elegant and distinct details to
your outfit. Getting back to men, if you’re in the mood of wearing a suit, you should not think twice
about, because the ladies will love it.

While attending a horse raise, you will notice more and more men that choose to wear at the races a suit rather than a casual outfit, which is great. There is one amendment at this sector though. Men should try to escape the gray-navy-black suit color range and try something more colorful, more daring.

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