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What To Look For When Buying A New Watch: Our Tips

by luxirare

Buying a new watch is a more involved process than many might expect on their first time. 

Still, quality timepieces have lasted throughout countless years, even passed on through generations to commemorate important milestones in a person’s life. Furthermore, appreciation pieces are frequently published by the major broadsheets, as the popularity of watches remains steadfast in the age of smartphones. There is a lot of history and dynamic use to contend with here, and it all effects how you go about making that all-important purchase.  

There’s never a bad time to buy a brand-new watch. Here’s what to look for when buying your own. 

Pricing Influences

The cost of timepieces varies significantly, so having some understanding of how they’re priced should help you to narrow down which watches are in your price window. 

The first thing to consider is the pricing power of a brand. The Independent’s rundown of the best watch brands includes both affordable and lavish timepieces, but it’s perhaps slightly dishonest to state that the best watch brands offer products totalling £40. There’s power in a brand-name, a hallmark of quality. Their stamp of appeal can send prices soaring, especially when names like Rolex and Gucci enter the fray. 

Then there’s also factors like manufacturing processes and materials used. Quality golds and stainless teel will fetch steeper prices. Automatic movement watches, which remove the need for the wearer’s winding efforts, change the pricing too. Keep all these influences in mind, and you should be able to shop for a new watch more effectively.

Removeable Straps 

Removeable straps are a big draw for many watch enthusiasts out there, because they can be replaced with more suitable options instead. To get some inspiration of your own, the range available at Watch Strap Style are worth exploring. You can find suede, Windsor smooth, and leather watch straps depending on the look you want to create. Switching out your watch strap is an easy way to make it feel like you’re wearing a new watch each time.  

Many people assume that watches are somehow static, relics of a bygone era. It’s a misconception, and interchangeable straps mean that timepieces can evolve with the times. Everyone loves a purchase that they can later customise, and a watch with removeable straps can fulfil that purpose remarkably well indeed. 

The Function of the Watch

You shouldn’t just buy ‘a watch’, but rather purchase a watch for a specific function. 

A watch to wear around the office, for example, will have different qualities than one you might wear while undertaking your morning exercise regimen. There’re waterproof watches you can adorn whilst you swim and watches that double as compasses and alarms also. Then, there’s the kind that simply tell the time, but look slick and stylish for a boardroom setting, steeped in prestige and legacy. 

There is a watch for every occasion, but not every watch is for every occasion. Pay considerable heed to the purpose of the watch because many of them do more than tell the time. Some are multi-purpose in practicality, some just look nice indeed while telling the time. Make those distinctions, and only then part with your money. 

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