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What to do when you don’t know what shoes to wear

by luxirare
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I experienced this feeling of confusion and frustration about 2 years ago when loafers were the new rigueur. Everybody praised and wore them and every brand was proposing various shapes and colors. But regardless of how many times I tried a pair of loafers shoes, they simply didn’t “work” for my style. Fortunately, I discovered the Superga sneakers, low-heeled mules and sandals, and the order was restored.

shoesThe truth is that, when it comes to shoes, very many women feel disoriented during this period. Those trusty boots, you wore all winter? Suddenly, it’s too warm for them, as they are 100% winter shoes. Black and biker boots? The same, utterly unsuitable for spring’s capricious days. Still, the time for flip-flops and thin-strapped sandals is not here just yet, although both versions are already available in stores. Of course, you can always go back to the same old classic models, at shoes with 5 to 8-centimetre heels, at loafers, sometimes at short boots made out of fine leather, with a peep toe and cut heel, but what do you do if you feel the need for a change?
Footwear is one of the “anchors” of our personal style: it dictates and influences the style of an attire, it is a benchmark for how well-chosen and comfortable an outfit is, it indicates how careful we are when following the fashion trends or how connected we still are with the past. And if, the same as Teo, you don’t find yourself in a stylistic harmony with the trends of the season, what’s left for you to do?

First of all, you shouldn’t treat the situation as being catastrophic. After all, we are talking about shoes, not about a natural cataclysm or 3-act Greek tragedy. A stylistic solution for this “existential crisis” is out there. I guarantee it.


  • If you feel cautious or undecided: colorful sneakers

Because you can’t let socks (or stockings, according to the case) go just yet, I recommend trying a pair of sneakers. I am not talking about the standard white canvas or leather types, but a colored model, printed or with a metallic color. Converse has so many color versions (pink, orange, red, khaki, yellow, turquoise) that choosing one is almost impossible. Superga launched a limited edition, in collaboration with Alexa Chung, and the bright blue version made out of satin, with laces, is simply adorable. At H&M, I saw a yellow model, like the color of daffodils, which would beautifully match any weekend attire. For chromophobes, there are always the white versions, with laces, oversized bows, or simple slip-ons.


  • If you’re feeling optimistic: non-classic ballerina shoes and skimmers

When you feel ready to wear shoes with a bare foot, walk in the world of shoes with personality. This season, ballerina shoes and skimmers (meaning ballerina shoes with a pointed tip, not a rounded one) are accessorized, multicolored, sparkly, embellished, and embroidered everywhere. One idea is to look for a pair that has multicolored stripes, with shiny accessories (a buckle or breastpin-like application, with crystals), or tasseled: you won’t need any other accessory for your day attire. Otherwise, I advise you to try on a pair with a metallic color or, why not, a leather model with a geometric print or jacquard.


  • If you feel daring: knitted shoes

I know that they slightly look like grandma’s shoes, but they will be the most sought after and appreciated this summer. To crown all, once you get used to their shape, you will realize that they are actually cool. If you find it hard to accept white shoes (something that often happens in my case), then try on a black pair, ideally with a solid heel.


  • If you feel really brave: mules with high or medium heels

They reappeared on the fashion stage about 2 years ago and this season mules got a status symbol. I am not making reference to those with a wooden sole (although, if you have the chance to buy a pair of Hasbeens or Lotta from Sweden, do it!), but about their urban interpretation. Once you get used to their clic-clac and find the heel height that is the friendliest in your case, they will become your favorite every spring, ends of summer and starts of autumn.


  • If you feel utterly inconsiderate: leather shoes, Moroccan babouches or slip-ons with a cut heel

For this types of shoes, three things are necessary: to have narrow feet, to have had a pedicure in the past 2 weeks, and to have cropped pants in your wardrobe, of various lengths and cuts. The versions with a Moroccan inspiration – with a very thin sole and pointy tip, eventually embroidered or knitted, and in most occasions with tassels – are exotic and really special and can even be worn at the office, with a pair of cigarette pants. Similar, but with a purposely unfinished look and rough allure, are the models that have the heel bent, like a fold on which you step. Mango excels, at this moment, when it comes to these two types of shoes. For casual attires, try in the shop a few pairs of canvas slip-ons, with a chunky sole and cut heel.



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