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What to buy in the sales month

by luxirare

To know what items you need to buy in the sales month, you need to make some order in your closet first – otherwise, you risk buying duplicates. Concerning the items you buy just because you like them, it should be love at first sight. If not, as soon as you get home you will feel the same kind of regrets like after a one night stand,  when you got drunk and now you can’t remember who’s the man standing next to you.

Secondly, buy clothes you know for sure that you’re going to wear. Not for “when I will lose 5 kilos” or “the wedding I might be invited to this summer”.

If you often participate at special events (launches, varnishing, cocktails, client events), I recommend purchasing 1-2 cocktail/evening dresses, several evening blouses, and several pairs of sexy shoes and sandals.

Thirdly, make purchases while thinking at the coming two seasons: the spring-summer one and autumn-winter one. If you find an item in this season’s collection that is on sale and will also be trendy this spring, consider it an investment. For example, knowing that metallic colors will be worn this year as well, I bought a short coat, with ¾ lantern sleeves, in the color of bronze, slightly metallic. While it is still cold, I will easily wear it with an evening outfit, and later on, I will be able to match it with a white tank top, a pair of skinny jeans or conic skirt, and a pair of high platform sandals.

As a conclusion, you have two options or strategies:

  1. Quantity: you buy basic clothes, to enjoy an inventory that will allow you to roll the clothes without the risk of damaging them too soon.
  1. Quality: you make few purchases, but you make the good purchases, opting for items that you don’t normally buy.

What is the type of items that can be purchased at the moment, without spending a small fortune and with the chance to wear them for several seasons?

  • Overlapping jersey dresses;
  • A white shirt with a special cut;
  • Simple, uni, colorful T-shirts;
  • A suit with an impeccable cut;
  • An overcoat that is highly adjusted to your figure (black or other dark colors);
  • A pair of dark-colored jeans;
  • 1-2 pair of toile trousers;
  • 1-2 skirts with different cuts, which you can wear in the autumn, winter, and spring;
  • High leather boots;
  • 1-2 handbags;
  • Knitted items – a ¾ jacket is the kind of item you’ll be able to wear in March over a thin dress, with boots and thick thighs. Leave the overcoat at home during sunny days!
  • Lingerie;
  • Colorful scarves;

What can you buy and consider a long-term investment? Without any regrets, trend-proofed, and worth every single penny.

  • A very elegant watch;
  • A blazer made out of an extraordinary toile or cashmere;
  • A designer handbag;
  • Very sexy and expensive lingerie;

What not to buy, regardless of discounts:

  • Very trendy clothes;
  • Clothes you wouldn’t buy with a full price tag;
  • Accessories that you can’t match with the clothes you have.

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