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What The 2020 Trends are Saying about Home Improvements and Interior Decoration

by luxirare

The home where we live in every single day should be comfortable, cozy, and stylish, without a doubt. No matter how much effort we put into decorating and improving our homes, there is always room for more. We like to see some changes and refreshments from time to time, something that will make us feel even better. In fact, it is much easier to upgrade one part of the house at a time, or perform smaller changes than actually start an entire renovation project. So, speaking of improvements here is a glimpse of how the 2020 home trends will look like.

  • Natural colors and materials continue to be popular

Most people see their home as their private retreat, their oasis of peace and tranquillity, and this can be best achieved when using natural colors and materials. Thus, shades of beige, white, and brown are still extremely popular. Also, using natural wood, both on the floor and in the design of the furniture, and stone, marble, or other natural materials will also remain in the trends. The truth is that it is very hard to have that feeling of warmth and comfort without the presence of natural materials.

  • Color accents

If too many natural colors create a dull room in your opinion, no one keeps you from playing with colors and different textures. You can easily give a room an entirely different face if you add a bit of color. Whether we are talking about royal blue, red, purple, mustard yellow, or orange, color accents are welcome. They can be translated into decorative pillows, the tapestry of sofas and armchairs, curtains, rugs, or other decorative items. You’ll be stunned of how fresh a room can look by simply replacing some old elements with others in bolder colors, all without painting the walls or changing the furniture.

  • Nordic inspiration

It seems that the Nordic lifestyle gained a lot of traction outside Nordic countries. Promoting simplicity and light and bright colors, this style can suit you a lot. Emerged in 2019, the Nordic Retreat style will continue to be a presence in the trends of 2020 as well. Following the “less is more” motto and using a neutral color palette, having a home decorated like a Nordic Retreat can lead to calming experiences each time you come home. So, no, white windows and doors are not outdated at all. Paired with interiors painted in neutral colors, they will create a stunning space. Click here if you want to learn more about modern high-quality windows, doors, and conservatories for your home.

  • Exotic impressions

These days, people want to live in homes that remind them of their travel experiences or vacations. While most of us enjoy taking home representative items from our adventures around the world, it is not enough to create a space that can take your mind away. Thus, a new trend is starting to be contoured, one that will make a home look like an exotic residence. More precisely, a home that appears like being carved out of a Japanese magazine. Japanese decorative items and styles could dominate indoor decoration trends in 2020, as there’s an increasing interest for them.

  • The magic vertical gardens

Those living in cities do feel the lack of green spaces around them. Since space inside an apartment can be rather limited, the best option you have is to use empty walls. You can easily bring an unused wall to life with the help of vertical gardens. Not to mention that you will enjoy fresher air inside your home and will have your eyesight caressed by the lush green of the plants.

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