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Fashion – What happened with the 400 threshold?

by luxirare

A classic moment from the Sex and the City TV show is when Carrie realizes that 400 dollars (the price she used to pay for a pair of Manolo Blahnik or Jimmy Choo sandals) time 100 (the number of pair of shoes she had in her closet) give a total of 40,000 dollars, and not 4,000 as she used to think! If I remember it well, in the same episode she tells the famous remark about financial investments: “ I like my money where I can see it… in my closet”.

Anyway, that particular episode took place many years ago. Yesterday, while reading an article in NY Times, I was wondering what happened with the 400 (dollars) threshold?  – the maximum price for designer signed shoes? Because these days, a pair of sandals easily reaches 500 and exceeds 1000 without a problem.


Putting aside the fact that today, 100 pairs of shoes are not something unusual, I wonder: is it the inflation? Is it the relationship between offer and demand? Or simply “designers test the laws of economy by pricing their bags with higher and higher price tags, until the world will stop buying them”, as Lauren Goodman, the fashion editor of the Domino magazine, used to say?

I can understand the desire of owning a unique and exclusive item, but just how far are the luxury consumers willing to go? Because the designers will just push the prices, each time, a little bit more. A pair of Jimmy Choo ends up costing today, regularly, 500 pounds; a pair of Cavalli 400 pounds; Louboutin hovers around the sum of 425 pounds; and Dior sells even with 900 pounds.



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