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What Do You Need To Be A Good Personal Trainer?

by luxirare

Got a love of fitness? Think that love could be used to make yourself some money and even a career? There are a lot of fitness careers beyond personal training, such as running a gym or teaching a yoga class, but few are as rewarding. Not just financially, but the reward of seeing the efforts of the individuals you coach paying off is something to be thankful for. But what makes a good personal trainer?


Naturally, personal trainers are expected to have some kind of certification that they know what they are doing. To become a personal trainer, you need at least a level 2 certificate in Fitness Instructing – Gym, or a level 2 diploma in either Health, Fitness, and Exercise Instruction or Instructing Exercise and Fitness. You can, however, build your career and potentially charge more as a specialist with a Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training or Fitness Instructing and Personal Training.


Having passion for your career is always essential for staying successful in it. This doesn’t just mean that you’re excited to work, it also means being able to maintain your work/life balance in order to keep pouring the same kind of energy into it. With personal fitness, you have to have a passion for helping your clients attain the goals you set, to continually check and record their progress, and to do the research necessary to keep offering better advice on nutrition, lifestyle, and a health changes. Naturally, being involved in as transformative a process can be exciting enough in itself, but you have to bring that passion.


Personal trainers enjoy a much more personal relationship with their clients, as the job title suggests. For that reason, they also have to have a personality that meshes well with clients. Learning how to build rapport as a personal trainer is crucial, as you want clients to be invested in not just the expertise you bring, but the positive effect you have on their mindset in general. It’s going to make better clients out of them and it’s going to aid you in helping them achieve their goals.


Since personal trainers work with clients on an individual basis, being able to find a steady supply of those clients is crucial. As such, learning how to build leads is a must-have skill. On the internet, starting your personal training website is the best way to go. From there, you can post informative content and advice, share it through social media, and encourage people who are new to fitness to learn more, which eventually funnels them towards your services. There are other marketing methods, of course, such as working with local gyms, so take advantage of whatever opportunities there are to get your brand out there.

If you want to become a personal trainer, it will take some work, but few jobs are as rewarding when you get into stride with them. You could be doing good not just for you own bank account but for the wellness of your clients, as well.


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