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What Are The Benefits Of Living In Istanbul?

by luxirare

In a city on the scale of Istanbul, it’s inevitable as there are many variations in architectural style and benefits of one location over another. You may also be wondering whether city living is right for you. After all, many people who dream of buying property for sale in Turkey are eager to get away from the stresses of everyday life, and moving to a vibrant city like Istanbul may seem counterproductive. However, if you truly want to embrace the Turkish culture and live as one of the locals, then Istanbul could prove to be a good choice.

Why Choose Istanbul?

As one of the world’s biggest cities, with between 13 million and 15 million residents, Istanbul is expanding massively on an annual basis. It provides you with the benefits of living in a city like London, whilst fully immersing you in another culture. The history of the city is tremendous and people often describe the entire area as one of the juxtapositions. 

On the one hand, it’s a place where faith is important to its inhabitants while, on the other, it’s entirely welcoming both to tourists and expats alike. We recommend checking out 3 ways to travel from Istanbul Airport to Blue Mosque, as this is certainly one of the important religious sites to visit.

Because of the growth of the city, there are new developments springing up all the time. That’s one of the things that makes Istanbul such a delightful prospect for a new home. If you choose to look at properties Istanbul wide, you’ll find a range of styles. There will be older properties on the market, with history attached to them, which fits perfectly into the tourist’s image of what living in Turkey entails. 

There’ll also be many new developments with pools and special features, all designed to capture the attention of foreign buyers such as yourselves. The property you choose naturally depends on your personal preferences, but the options out there can truly be overwhelming. If you’ve visited Istanbul before you’ll be more familiar with the locations where you can find property for sale in Istanbul. However, if you’re less familiar with the city you’ll need guidance, both on location and whether what you’re looking at is right for you. It’s a tremendous decision so don’t treat it lightly. 

Property Investment In Istanbul Is A Wise Choice 

The growth of Istanbul has accelerated in recent years for those moving abroad, and that has resulted in a corresponding acceleration in building developments. Old property laws that limited who could buy in Turkey have been phased out and so now it’s a dynamic and attractive place to purchase an apartment or villa. This also applies if you’re thinking about property investment in Istanbul. There are large swathes of land being set aside all the time for property developments, meaning that investors have their pick of places to put their money. Rental return can come from the growing numbers of properties on the city’s outskirts that offer Istanbul living to those who can’t afford to buy. It’s easy to see that Istanbul property investment is one for the future and many investors are getting in on the act.

 It’s worth noting, however, that Turkey is as susceptible to failing schemes as anywhere else. Developments sometimes get caught up in epic reams of red tape and there are planning processes. You’ll need to do your homework if you’re going to invest in a new build, investigating the construction firms to see what their success rate is and consulting experts on the likelihood of the development coming to fruition. Take a look at the properties already on the market and ask honestly whether you’d want to stay in one when you visited Istanbul. If the answer is yes then you may have found your investment property.

Choosing The Best Estate Agency 

When you’re looking for Istanbul real estate, you’ll initially be swamped with information. Where should you move to? What are your options within this vast city? Well, there are plenty of people out there who’ll have their own opinions, whether they already own property in a specific neighbourhood, or know a little bit about Istanbul. However, it’s most likely you’ll want to talk to a professional. Finding an Istanbul real estate agency that you, as a foreign national, can communicate with properly may be difficult. There’s an obvious language barrier that may cause problems, along with nuances of culture and interpretation that often get lost in translation. 

So speaking to an agency based in your home country may be a wiser bet. If you can have a proper conversation about the types of Istanbul real estate for sale then you’ll be well informed and equipped to start your property journey. A good agency will be able to advise on forthcoming developments and how they may compare to properties already on the market. Perhaps most importantly, a good real estate agent won’t try and force you into a decision you’re not comfortable with. Whether you’re purchasing a property to live in or have decided to invest, you’re making a huge choice with a lot of money. A reputable agency will understand that and guide rather than instruct you. They’ll also be able to direct you to lawyers and construction workers who may be required to help you bring your Istanbul dreams to life. 

Where To Look

When you’re conducting your search for real estate for sale in Istanbul, be aware that it’s much cheaper if you’re willing to live on the outskirts of the city. As with most major cities across the world, the expansion of inner-city locations has led to a natural lift in prices. However, buying any property in the wider Istanbul area looks to be a good investment for the future. Turkey’s economy continues to grow and Istanbul in particular is benefiting from that with continual development. If you have the resources and desire to live in a more central area then, of course, direct your search towards those properties. If, however, you look at properties west along the European side of the country or south-east along the coast of the Asian side then you’ll start to find more attractively priced properties. 

As an expat, you’ll want to find land for sale in Istanbul that completely suits your needs and requirements. It’s also best to deal with an agency that is used to managing sales and services for expat clients. It can really be useful to know that your situation has been dealt with before, even while a good agent will recognise that no two clients are the same. Take your time when choosing a property and don’t jump into something you’re not comfortable with. A good agency will understand your hesitation and try and help you

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