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Wearing Tracksuits Outside The Gym: Styling Tips For Men

by luxirare

Not too long ago, tracksuits were confined to the gym. But that has changed, and tracksuits are seeing a resurgence. The modern tracksuit is ultra-cool, chic, and definitely in. Find out how to wear a tracksuit outside the gym to achieve the right look and attitude to carry it off.

The History of the Tracksuit

Until 1967, the only people wearing tracksuits were athletes during warm-up practice. These were close-fitting and came with unsightly stirrups beneath the feet to hold them in place. German footballer, Franz Beckenbauer, made the three-striped tracksuit popular in 1967.

Throughout the 70s, tracksuits were donned by footballers and PE teachers. During the late 1980s and early 1990s, tracksuits were made with ugly elasticated-waist trousers in nylon. They were essentially shapeless and overly bright colours were the norm. Fortunately, this low point in the history of tracksuits was rescued by the likes of Oasis, Sporty Spice, and other pop culture icons.

Grime music arose in the 2000s in the UK. This genre allowed marginalised black youth to express themselves and featured sporting tracksuits. This trend has taken off and become mainstream and owes its appeal to stars like Dizzee Rascal and Wiley. However, Skepta grime music legend has earned the title the godfather of the Tracksuit Mafia with his iconic style.

The Right Look

Wearing a tracksuit is not synonymous with being scruffy or looking like a couch potato. The look you want to convey is casual elegance on the move. It must express health, fitness, and plenty of energy. To achieve this look, make sure your selection is tapered at the ankles, giving an athletic appearance. 

Stick to neutral colours: khaki, grey, and black. Then mix and match. This portrays the right amount of urban edge. Look out for stormy grey Gym King oversized tracksuits which are available from gym king. Gym King oversized tracksuits are made from a range of fabrics including fleece, poly, and shell.

Vary your look with different textures added to the outfit, for example, a turtleneck sweater or a bomber jacket. Wear a vest underneath to add flair. Also good are a crew neck jumper, V-neck pullover, or a simple fitted shirt that buttons down.

For accessories, the right look means only the basics. Don’t add more than sunglasses, a duffel bag, and a cap.

Shoes need to match the tracksuit. White shoes with black detail go perfectly with plain colours. Socks should not be visible above the shoe line. Never use formal shoes with a tracksuit. The best choices are hi-tops, trainers, plimsolls, or pumps.

Of course, on occasion, you may want to colour outside the lines with a maroon or burgundy tracksuit top. Pair this with dark jeans. It is perfectly acceptable to wear your tracksuit top with jeans or shorts.

Tracksuits and Normcore

Normcore, as a fashion trend, is about being one of the guys. Essentially, it is a style of dressing that aims to fit in anywhere, to be able to belong to any group. This is in keeping with what is being seen in the world of tracksuits: even CEOs are wearing them, and it makes them seem more approachable and ultra-confident. 

In brief, normcore can be understood as the guy donning jeans, a t-shirt, and trainers with socks several years after they were in fashion. But it is also about standing out where everyone else is fitting in with the latest fashions.

The most important attribute when donning a tracksuit or going with a normcore style is attitude. Normcore mimics normal but with its own edginess. Coming across as self-aware. This is exactly the attitude you want to portray with the modern tracksuit. 

Where You Can and Cannot Wear A Tracksuit

It is simply understood that wearing a tracksuit is not okay in certain settings. This fact is part of its appeal along with the image it portrays of the wearer making a statement of “this is me, take it or leave it”. Which underscores the need for simplicity and avoiding elitism? 

That said, there are certain restaurants and clubs where wearing a tracksuit is out. However, a hip-hop concert is a perfect setting for a tracksuit teamed up with some fancy jewellery such as bracelets, rings, and chunky gold necklaces. Wearing a tracksuit to parties and festivals is in.

Nevertheless, you would not select a tracksuit for a formal event, work, or job interview. But this is the ideal gear for the college or university student, for a day out, or to the airport. Here, oversized tracksuits and tracksuits with pockets come into their own for comfort and style.

Tracksuits are incredibly comfortable and suitable on many occasions. Modern tracksuits are stunning and enable the wearer to make a fashion statement. As long as you follow the basic rules, you can be assured of going out in style.

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