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Ways to Enjoy a Luxury Trip to India

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India truly is an incredible country, full of wonderful scenery, ancient history and rich culture. It may be one of the go-to places for a lot of young and student travellers, those on their gap years or trekking across east Asia, but it also offers many luxury travel experiences. From tailor made tours with Encounters Travel that can be adapted to suit any exclusive needs, to finding the most special areas of the nation, here’s how to enjoy a luxury trip to India.


Eat Like a King or Queen

You can’t go to India and not sample the local cuisine, but it doesn’t have to mean eating cheap street food all the time. There are a number of resorts across India which have jumped on the demand for organic and locally sourced food, when the eater knows where it has come from. They offer dishes that have been carefully crafted from the finest ingredients and not just cooked together in one big pan. Plus, Indian wine is on the rise and a must-try before it takes over the world too.


Classy Accommodation

India has come a long way from its association with cheap travel and poverty, and is now home to countless luxury hotels. Glorious inner-city hotels to desert retreats and mountainous resorts are all available to stay in, providing a much more comfortable night’s sleep than any cheap hostel. They can be the ideal place to relax as well, many featuring spas, pools and quality food and drink that will truly enhance your adventure.

Enjoy Exotic Activities

The Taj Mahal is of course essential visiting, and there are many other fabulous temples to see including Harmandir Sahib and the Khajuraho Temples. Radhanagar beach is a beautiful destination, full of white sand and crystal clear waters. Then there are the national parks, such as Manas, where you can get up close to the wildlife on a jungle safari. Others even offer the chance to spot a tiger or two.


Shop Local Markets

Rich colours, smells and jewellery all make up India’s local markets and provide the opportunity to pick up some fantastic gifts. You can’t visit this exotic country without picking up a few items of well-tailored garments, whether for yourself or someone back home. Classy suits, gorgeous saris and so much more can all be found. So plan for your exclusive trip to India today and enjoy all these luxuries.

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