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The Water-proof Watch and Other Accessories You Can’t Holiday Without

by luxirare
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Packing for any holiday is essentially a test of your predictive powers, your ability to stick to a luggage allowance that is always too small and your memory (did I pack that already? I think I did…). Once you are there, you don’t want to be dashing round unfamiliar stores trying to pick up the things you forgot. Instead, you should create a list of everything you will need beforehand so that you can keep on top of the system.

But what to pack?

Every holiday has a different set of requirements based on your needs. If you want to lie by the pool for two weeks, several bikinis, a large hat and plenty of sun lotion are the foundations for your holiday. Add in some sandals, a few beautiful dresses for dining out and you’re already in paradise. All you need to do is to find a mojito and settle in for a week of bliss.

On the other hand an active holiday skiing or doing watersports will be a bit more prescriptive. You will need the gear to make the activities comfortable – goggles, suit and boots – as well as clothes appropriate to the climate. You should also pack for evenings dining out and enjoying the local nightlife, too.

But there are some things that you simply cannot go on holiday without. They are the guardians of the good times, taking you around the world and back again. Whether you are hiking up a mountain or lying on the beach, thinking about paddling in the sea to cool off, these five accessories will make your holiday great. And you might not have even noticed them before…

Waterproof Watch

Watches can be dainty and elegant, they can be crafted fashion statements and they can be a complete disaster on holiday. A bit of sand in the wrong place or an accidental dip in the sea and that watch is history. Unless it is strong, durable and designed to last, your normal watch isn’t going to stand a chance. In fact, it will probably be safest left at home.

Rather than risk damage, take a waterproof, shockproof watch on holiday instead. G-shock watches are perfect for this. Not only do they last through the thrills and spills of your entire trip, modern design features like protective structures and flexible straps will keep your watch from coming to any harm. Plus, as the active wear fashion continues, your watch won’t just tell the time, it will mark you out as the kind of person who has a lifestyle worth envy.

You shouldn’t let worrying about damaging your watch get int the way of a fun-filled trip so finding the right watch to keep up with you is a must for a great holiday. In fact, this isn’t just a watch for on holiday, it’s the kind of watch that once you’ve put it on, you won’t want to take it off. Honestly, they’re that good.


The Kindle may have dropped in popularity in recent years, but this gadget is vital for any holiday. Download new books anywhere and carry your whole library with you without maxing out your suitcase with paperbacks. There is literally nothing better than taking time over a holiday to finally finish that novel you started ages ago and to pick out something new to try too.

Even if you are planning an action packed adventure holiday, a Kindle is ideal in-flight entertainment for a long-haul flight. It hardly weighs anything, either, so even if it’s just you and a backpack, there will be space enough. Plus, you can read it through sunglasses for the ultimate comfort.

The Kindle has already taken on a kind of cult classic status and brings its own sophistication and elegant design, especially when covered with a leather case reminiscent of old books. While it may not be an up to the minute fashion trend, it does make a statement that hints at your intellect. Of course, onlookers won’t ever know that you’re rereading 50 Shades, they will just assume that it is a modernist classic that has you enraptured!

A DSLR Camera

If you want to capture that magical sunset across the bay or catch your kids burying each other in the sand, you will need a camera that can do everything. Your phone camera is great and let’s face it, there are few pictures that Instagram can’t fix, but with a proper camera, you can make sure that everything is balanced and focused for really high quality shots.

You don’t need to have a particularly big camera, either. There are plenty of compact models on the market that will give you everything you need to compose the perfect frame. You can also take a few different lenses if you want to get the best vistas, portraits and close-ups. Just don’t forget to pack your batteries and chargers!

If Instagram is your end goal, you will be pleased to hear that DSLRs are more than capable of taking the perfect selfie. In fact, if you use a tripod and a timer, you will probably get a better quality of picture that doesn’t mostly feature your extended arm! Set your camera up and take a couple initial shots to check the balance and composition of the shot before you add yourself into the mix for a really professional quality.


It may not be high tech, but the luxuriously soft pashmina is a must-have for any trip. This cashmere scarf is warm, easily folded into nothing or spread out into a blanket. It will keep your neck from freezing under the air conditioning unit on a plane and protect your shoulders and arms from bright sunlight. Wear it as a scarf, shawl or just wrap up warm in it – the pashmina is so versatile, you won’t remember what you did before you had one!

Pashminas may not hit the fashion headlines, but they are a part of the classic look that keeps returning every year with different styles, colours and patterns. For a chic look that will keep you warm on the plane, wrap your pashmina around your neck and throw it over one shoulder casually. This way it will cover your back, keep your neck cosy and have that thrown on but still fabulous appeal that every fashionista aims for.


Sunglasses have always been the kind of accessory that fashion designers and houses just love to play with. From brightly coloured reflective glass to geometric shapes and funky arms, the style of sunglasses you go for really depends on the shape of your face, how bold you are with fashion and how many pairs you can fit in your carry on luggage!

2017 has been a bumper crop for designer sunglasses with all sorts of colours and shapes gracing the catwalks and boutique shelves. However, dressing your face is much like dressing yourself so before you jump into sunglasses heaven, consider the shape of your face and which frames are most likely to suit you. For example, if you have a long oval face, circular glasses are just going to look wrong. Similarly a small face with enormous frames is going to be more bug-like than anything else!

Don’t forget to protect your sunglasses with a case for travel.

With the essentials packed and your passport and tickets in a safe, easy to reach pocket in your carry-on you are set for the holiday of a lifetime. Relax, have fun and enjoy yourself – you deserve it!

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