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Wardrobe update in 6 pieces

by luxirare

I don’t know how many of you rushed into shopping in the first part of the month, at the opening of the sales season, but I can assume that most of you made lists with the desired clothes and accessories in your mind. And then you waited for the period in which the price labels state “-50%” or “-60%”, not just “-30%”… Well, that period is just happening now and it a very short one, and the “cream” of all collections was already picked. Still, this doesn’t mean that you will no longer find quality items in stores, which will help with updating your wardrobe and wear with pleasure for a very long time.

But before allowing yourselves to be overwhelmed by spring collections, take a quick look in your wardrobe. Compare what you find with your shopping list, measure yourselves (in case you know that you no longer fit in the trousers you bought last winter), and then proceed to the shopping part. Just like last year, I seriously invite you to practice your insight during shopping: even if a lot of the things you find in stores are tempting, make out of quality and pragmatism two main selection criteria.

Tell yourself in the try-out booth that 2019 is the year in which you will truly take care of your wardrobe; that you will stop buying rags or trinketry; that you will become your best-dressed version and that it would be best if you start as soon as possible.

Just in case, I created below a list with 6 items that can easily fit any wardrobe and can be used, without any problems, until the end of the spring season. They are not the kind of items that will completely transform your style, but you can count on them. They look cool enough to appear like being cut from the trends, they are sufficiently versatile to be matched with attires appropriate for cold winter days, and, above all, they are just what you need so you won’t feel guilty that you overspent, nor frustrated that you retained yourself from shopping.


  • A thin knitted pullover, with marine stripes

An intermediary, until you end up wearing the Breton striped T-shirt. It’s neutral, but not invisible. It works well with blazers and vests, it fits with any type of trousers and skirts. You can add to it a multicolored scarf or, underneath, a navy or black fine turtleneck. During the first days of spring, you will be able to wear it with white trousers, while during the summer you will be able to wear it over your bathing suit, in the evening, as you leave the beach.

  • A “different” midi skirt

Folded up skirts kept on being the celebrities of past seasons’ collections, so if you didn’t already buy one or two pieces, don’t even bother; the wave just past away. Instead, direct your attention toward conic dresses, skirts with tucks and hidden pockets, asymmetrical skirts with jags or rippled cloche skirts. Without rummaging piles of clothes, search for skirts with interesting details. You could look for: a material with an interesting texture, a non-basic color, an overlapped line, which will make it look modern; the moulded ones are desperately kitsch or outdated. Concerning the stylistic adjunction, wear the skirt now with simple or oversized pullovers or with masculine blazers, with silky blouses in the spring, and with a simple T-shirt during the summer.


  • A thin poncho

Because layering is trendy, regardless of season, fashion, age. Wearing a poncho doesn’t mean wrapping yourself up in a blanket, and neither dressing up like a school principal from 25 years ago. The key is a belt over the poncho, which will mark your waistline, and help you provide a modern shape to your attire. This way you can wear it over a classical dress, over a pair of jeans and a pullover, but also underneath a short quilted vest or over a thick toile blazer.

  • A round handbag

This shape has discreetly infiltrated in collections and wardrobes approximately two seasons ago, but only starting with this spring the shape will actually be cool, sophisticated, and sought-after.

The majority of round handbags come equipped with a long bandoleer, so they can be worn over the shoulder or as a cross-body bag, like a sort of feminine messenger bag. To check more stylistic boxes, look for a round leather bag (the tick for quality), of medium size (the tick for practical use), and in pastel or neutral color (the tick for wearing it in the spring and/or during the cold season).

  • A midi dress

I know, I know – nothing seems to be new about midi dresses! But in spite of all this, I can quickly find at least 5 or 6 reasons for making room for one more midi dress with a colorful, floral, or abstract print. Because the midi printed dress is a sort of passe-partout. The midi dress is itself an outfit (so you don’t need to stress yourself out when it comes to matching items), it has modern details yet a classic length (a sort of 2-in-1, fulfilling several tastes and styles), you can find it at more than reasonable prices, and you can wear it with knee-high boots, booties, sneakers, sandals, flats, and it is so comfortable… Ah, and if you pick one with a beautiful floral print, this spring you will be able to hold a conversation about “The Devil Wears Prada”.

  • A pair of booties

You will spend the entire winter in high boots, lace boots, and safety boots. That’s natural: we are talking about snow, days with freezing temperatures, the need to wear comfortable shoes, with a safe and adherent sole, shoes capable of protecting your feet against the weather. Just how stylish are the previously mentioned boots? This counts less, as it is more important to get through the winter without frost bites and colds… But you will need intermediary shoes as well, to make the transition between boots and ballet flats, between high boots and leather sneakers, between safety boots and oxford shoes. For that time of the year when winter stops being winter and spring is not just yet spring. The booties that look like short cowboy boots will be very popular in the coming months. If this doesn’t work for you, try on a pair of simple and elegant booties (fine heel, high or medium; almond-shaped or elongated tip), maybe a pair made out of embroidered velvet or jacquard, maybe even a pair of Victorian inspiration short boots (with laces in front, and high up to the middle of the canon bone), or a sock boot.

You will be able to match these with literally everything. This means that they will be worth their price tag.

Which of the previous 6 options do you consider including in your own shopping list?

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