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Waking Up In The Modern World

by luxirare

More and more people are opting for modern homes, which in the most case means creating a contemporary look in the kitchen, adding contemporary art to the walls of their living room and investing in furniture so ‘out there’ guests don’t know whether your sofa is for sitting on or looking at. But the one room that almost always gets pushed down the to-do list – for whatever reason – is the bedroom. Why? We have no idea, especially as this is the easiest room to modernise and, let’s be honest, the one room in the house we use more than any other. We’re talking about a third of our lifetime. It’s quite the substantial chunk of time.

The big problem is knowing what a modern bedroom entails. There are just so many concepts and techniques that fall within the bell curve of bedroom living. There are clean lines, minimalism, use of shapes, and even those that think modern living means function above all as if to say the house is a machine made for living in. It’s all a bit extreme.

To us, creating a modern bedroom is a little bit of each of these things. It is about having straight lines, embracing the fact bedrooms are made for resting and going down the clean and neat route.

To delve into this a little bit more, we have pulled together a few tips and tricks that will help you get the bedroom you deserve, make your bedroom more modern and, well, that little bit more wow.

  1. Barer Can Be Better

Depending on your home’s structure, a great way to make your space for more modern is to embrace the architectural elements. That could mean exposing the brick behind the plasterboard or opting for bare concrete walls. It is using that industrial feel and then juxtaposing it with your accent furniture. We’re talking bold art prints on the wall, a white bed frame with matching side tables and vases and furniture and then opting for an accent colour that really pops. That kind of juxtaposition is modernisation at its very best.

  1. Replace Old With New

Most traditional houses, whether Edwardian, Colonial or whatever, have very distinctive features, such as fireplaces in each room, including the bedrooms. A huge trend was to cover these up and use the clean lines and bare walls as a way of modernising. But what will work even better is simply swapping the old for the new. It is replacing your old fireplace with a modern gas fire, much like the ones from IllusionFires.com.au, which are almost pieces of modern art in their own right. It is about doing a straight swap, whether that be fireplaces or getting rid of your puddled drapes in favor for blinds that rise and fall with the switch of a button, something that we would all love and doesn’t cost as much as you may think.

  1. Simple Lines, Simple Look

Simplicity is one of the most defining features of modernisation and that is exactly what straight lines, simple art and block colors achieve. To achieve this, start by picking a bed with straight lines. Nothing fancy, nothing upholstered; just a wooden bed with simple lines and a straightforward headboard, and then pair this with a set of bedside tables. Next up, all you have to do is create a very simple feature wall, something in one color, and bring this to life with a piece of contemporary art like these ones from Etsy.com, hanging it directly above your bed. Add a metal floor standing lamp and, voila, you have turned a small space into a modern bedroom, and without much effort at all.

  1. Decorate With Natural Light

Adding pieces of modern furniture to your room, such as placing an ottoman at the end of your bed and securing a hanging chair to the ceiling in a corner, is a great way to force a sprinkling of modernisation. But, to really make this pop, you want to let natural light dance around the room. That means having floor to ceiling windows, or large glass doors, whether they lead directly to the outside world or into your living room. It also means using light colours in your decor, such as lighter woods and lighter textiles. This feeling of light and airy is a great way to get a modern look for less.

  1. Make Color The Focus

When it comes to making a bedroom feel more modern, color is arguably the most important weapon you have in your arsenal. Of course, it isn’t as simple as that. That said, you can choose any color that takes your fancy, whether it be pastels, bold and bright colors, or neutral hues, they can all be embraced. The tricky part is being selective in where you use them. So, instead of splattering them all of your walls and your art, try rocking a monochromatic scheme, you know, white walls, dark wardrobe and chair and greyscale art, and then making your space pop with a colored bed and side tables. Make the most important piece of furniture in your life the focal point; the attention-grabber. Trust us, it will look amazing.

  1. Use Lots Of Shapes

Shapes are another staple ingredient in modern decor, which is why you should embrace shapes in any and every way possible. From choosing an upholstered headboard with a square pattern to having a bookshelf made up of boxes, having a bed that rocks straight lines to wallpaper that plays on the idea of straight lines. It could even be that you incorporate the concrete wall again (even if that is just done with wallpaper), and light wooden floors to give the room a simpler backdrop. Yes, it needs to be made clean to break up the coordination, but that can be done with minimalist artwork, big and white vases and block color furniture. What you will see is a modern magic come to life and a bedroom you will never want to leave blossom.

Modern bedrooms are all the rage right now. It is this idea of keeping your decor simple, open and functional that people are absolutely loving and you’ll see why when you do it.

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