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Vinyl Flooring Trends

by luxirare
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In case you are looking for a flooring that is resistant, looks great, and requires very low maintenance, then you need to seriously consider vinyl flooring as your best option. Aren’t vinyl floorings out of trend? Not at all. In fact, their popularity is increasing, as more and more people discover their gorgeous colors, unique patterns, and wide applicability, especially in areas where a lot of things happen throughout the day, like the kitchen for example. But, vinyl flooring should not be just a practical option, as it can easily become a decorative part of your home. So, if you want to have a modern and admired home with the help of vinyl floor tiles, then do take a look at the latest trends in this particular area.

  • For the kitchen

It’s time to know that white kitchens, although still preferred, are not that trendy anymore. Certain soft colors are making their way into the modern kitchen, as interior designers recommend using blue, cream, and grey to transform the kitchen into a pleasant space, not just functional. You can use this to your advantage, picking vinyl floor tiles in these colors and getting your kitchen out of anonymity. Just think about flooring that mimics the warm color of wood, it will definitely make the kitchen more welcoming and pleasant.

  • In the living room

Your living room can easily turn into an exotic space, full of color and elegance by simply choosing a vinyl flooring with spectacular designs. This is the room where you are allowed to let your creativity to manifest yourself, creating a space that will make you spent time at home with pleasure and where you will be proud to entertain guests. If you are looking for the ideal vinyl flooring model, then do take a look at the beautiful patterns offered by Zazous. This is a brand of high-quality vinyl floor tiles that can bring your favorite vacation destinations in your home.

  • The intimate space of the bedroom

While it is true that we don’t spend too much time in the bedroom, this doesn’t mean that we should not make this room look amazing as well. After all, this is where we retreat after a long and hard day, so it would be great if it could trigger positive feelings each time you enter the room. How to make a bedroom look amazing? Use warm vinyl floorings and accent walls and your bedroom will look like being cut from magazines.

  • The relaxing bathroom

Vinyl floorings are great for bathrooms because they can be easily mopped and maintained. Not to mention that this is a great way to add some color to your bathroom. In fact, current trends encourage adding some character to bathrooms, which tend to be rather bland in most cases. Just think about the fact that your bathroom can turn into a gorgeous oasis that will make you feel like walking into a spa. Take a look at the product catalog provided by Feature Floors and try to imagine how your dream bathroom would look like.

  • Making hallways more welcoming

Hallways are often the areas that completely lack any kind of personality. Well, now it’s time to change this and turn them into beautiful spaces with the help of vinyl floorings. The best part about this kind of flooring is that you can easily use it no matter how small or big your hallway is, as it will always look amazing.


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