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Versace Eros Eau de Toilette for Men – Review

by luxirare
Versace Eros

Typical for the masculine perfumes section, Versace Eros was born out of the desire to complete the modern man, becoming his most prized accessory. As Donatella Versace states, Eros can be considered the brand’s DNA, the genetic code that reflects the quality and exclusivity of this fashion house.

From the point of view of the designer, the rectangular bottle enjoys a turquoise background, inspired by the depths of the Mediterranean Sea. On top, the symbol of Goddess Medusa is printed – the ethnographic artifice that has the role of taking you to Greek mythology – an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the genius of Gianni Versace.

Created by perfumer Aurelien Guichard de Givaudan, Versace Eros represents a fresh, woody, touched-by-an-oriental-wrap declaration. In its vivacious composition, it’s possible to underline some of the most select ingredients, such as pure mint oil, green apple at its best, but also lemons with Italian origins. For a plus of warmth and physical closeness, Versace Eros ads, on the list of its olfactory symphony, two flowers from the far away South-American country, Venezuela, and that are the ambroxide and geranium.

Thus, we are talking about a fresh and minty exposition, composed out of mint and apples, which is immediately surrounded by metallic-ozone-like elements. Even so, what impresses is the antithesis that forms between the fresh start and spicy-woody base, carefully polished by more predictable ingredients. In the base of the perfume, Tonka reflections are caught, cedar and patchouli accords dusted with vanilla powder.

Versace Eros also speaks to those passionate about niche perfumes, the emblematic accord for this category of essences being the amboxide, a grey breath that summons the special scent of the aldehydes. More than this, the architecture of the essence follows the procedure of strong contrast, this establishing between the start formula of the perfume and its end. Starting from a tart crowned with green apples, we’ll end up reaching a warm and resinous base.

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