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The ultimate trend for your kitchen’s countertops

by luxirare

Are you looking to redecorate your kitchen and you would enjoy something modern, trendy, and elegant at the same time? How about if you could bring something from your personality in your kitchen in a unique manner? If you want to make your kitchen one of the most appreciated rooms in your home, there is a trend that will change the entire face of your current kitchen. The custom glass countertops are the hottest trend when it comes to kitchen decoration, looking amazing and being practical at the same time. You can easily put your style’s imprint on these countertops, making them exactly how you want them to be, and that is perfect for your kitchen.

If you were considering adding something special and unique to your kitchen, now you have the chance, the glass countertops being something that is not yet known by too many people. It is perfect if you are tired of the traditional type of countertops, because glass will allow you to be creative. The best part about these countertops is that they can tell a story, each having the possibility to be unique, being created according to your requirements. Usually, when it comes to regular countertops, you can’t do too much about their appearance. Well, it is an entirely different thing with glass, as it can have the color you want, the texture you prefer, and even a model that can make it one of a kind. Also, you should know that in matter of cleanness and hygiene, the countertops made out of glass are the best choice, because nothing adheres to this surface.

Why aren’t these countertops so popular yet? Well, until now, they were mostly made exclusively at the request of people that wanted something different in their homes. They were highly appreciated for their aesthetic appearance and for the fact that they were so customizable. But, slowly, the glass countertops are starting to gain more and more popularity, an increasingly higher number of people starting to discover and appreciate its properties. This increased interest in such countertops is also a sign that we are tired of buying and having mass produced good in our houses, preferring something of high-quality and tailored according to our preferences and needs. Again, these countertops are very versatile and can be made as you wish, so that your kitchen will look just like in your dreams.

When you opt for a glass countertop, you should know that the glass can be tempered or non-tempered, according to the properties you want to find in it. Also, it comes in various types, like float glass, which means that it will be poured molted in tin beds to create a certain thickness. There is the slump glass as well, which contains several glass sheets that give the final product an interesting appearance. And, finally, the kiln-fired glass, made out of glass remains that are melted in a kiln. The size of this last type of glass depends on the kiln’s size.


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