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Travel Without The Trouble: Stress-Busting Vacation Tips

by luxirare

Travel is supposed to be our escape from our concerns, our change to recharge, to avoid burnout, and to get some much-needed relaxation. Though anyone who does it often enough knows full and well that sometimes it can be as much of a cause of stress as a cure for it. Here, we’re going to look at some tips you might not have considered when it comes to taking the trouble out of travel.

Bring a guide

Finding stuff to do can be one of the most challenging parts of a vacation. You may be spoilt for choice and have trouble deciding, might have trouble finding out what’s accessible and what isn’t, or have trouble getting around. Add dining choices to that, and there’s a lot of decision making that can boil your brain. However, a concierge might be able to answer all those questions for you or, rather, a concierge app. There are tons of travel guide apps that are making it much easier to answer your questions, to find sights, activities, and eateries near you, and to let you be a little looser with your plans.

Pave the way ahead

Finding your way around a new destination can always be tricky. If you’re making your own way, you can expect plenty of bickering amongst the team on which route to take and where you’re supposed to be going in the first place. If you have an itinerary planned out ahead of the vacation, you can make it much simpler to stick to by hiring the transport you need to get from A to B ahead of time. Luxurious tour buses or driver hire can help you stop fretting about where you’re going and how you’re getting there, and instead let you marvel at the scenery and enjoy the company while you’re on your way.

Get away from the kids

Let’s face it, children can be troublesome on a holiday. Even if you don’t have any kids of your own, they can be a real stress factor for some if you’re constantly running into them. We don’t want to be unfair to children, they deserve to have their fun, but you deserve the tranquillity and sheer absence of stress that can come as part of adult only retreats, as well. There’s going to be less noise, less distraction and, without having to cater to kids, retreats, hotels and resorts can focus on providing an experience that is more solely focused to the needs of adults. Relaxing pools, luxurious spas, and fun hangout spots where you can socialise with other travellers can all be part and parcel of the experience if there are no children to worry about.

Plan for rest

When you hit the ground, the initial wave of excitement is going to encourage you to get out and explore as soon as you possibly can. However, that adrenaline is going to run out before long and then you’re going to be left holding a ton of jet lag. Make sure that you have quiet time planned for as soon as you get back to the hotel and, even if you’re not feeling the effects too badly, ensure that everyone has the opportunity to nap. You can take some countermeasures against jet lag, such as avoiding alcohol and caffeine on the first day, spending some time lounging by the pool, and timing your flights better, but planning for rest is the best way to get over it.

Avoid the fallout

If you’re travelling as part of a group, with a single BFF, or with your partner, you should be aware that the stress of travel can cause some tension. Avoid the arguments by, first of all, taking a much-needed break after a full day of travel. Don’t start with a packed itinerary, take the time to relax, find your bearings, and enjoy some mutual appreciation of your new digs and the surrounding landscape. From there, it’s all about making the holiday as democratic as possible. Ensure that no-one is left out of the planning process and that everyone gets to see or do at least one of their planned highlights for the trip.

Most importantly, it’s important to be open and to travel without too much expectation. You might find that a sight or location is a little underwhelming, that you don’t have time to see everything that you wanted, or that there are a few caveats in your plan. Don’t let the little hiccups hold up the whole journey for you, make your fun where you find it.

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