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Toronto’s Culinary Scene Is More Vibrant Than Ever

by luxirare
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The city of Toronto is incredibly rich in varied culinary influences. The city boasts a healthy mix of food options accessible to locals and tourists alike, from delicious dim sum in the heart of Queen and Spadina’s Chinatown to artisanal cheese and cured summer sausage in the St. Lawrence Market; from the annual Taste of the Danforth food fair (which attracts over one million attendees over one weekend) to the city’s bustling fusion scene.

Over the last decade, the dining scene in Toronto has been expanding and evolving, and there are more top-tier options for Torontonians than ever before. Toronto’s restaurant and catering scene is thriving and a number of very competitive culinary offerings are popping up all over the city to satisfy any palette. Whether you’re a die-hard food guru, or a vegetarian or vegan looking for real options that don’t limit you to traditional choices, there are some great things happening on Toronto’s foodie front.

The Toronto catering landscape in particular has been evolving in leaps and bounds in large part due to the efforts of small, independent companies offering appetising alternatives to the status quo, consistently raising the bar by catering specifically to client appetites and moods, anticipating and fulfilling the dynamic needs of the modern metropolitan diet.

A number of small, driven businesses are going above and beyond to create the perfect menu for each client and every event they cater. Unlike larger, corporate catering options, where clients often choose from a series of pre-set menus, smaller caterers focus on the needs of clients on an event-by-event basis, offering seasonal and dietary adjustments to exceed the status quo.

If you want to cut the wheat from the chafe when it comes to catering, no test better separates the mediocre from the magnificent than catering for a wedding. Whatever the size — whether your wedding is big or small, formal or casual, outdoors, indoors, or anything across the spectrum, the right caterer will offer an unforgettable culinary experience that exceeds expectations. One catering company, known playfully as The Food Dudes are a great example of outside-the-box thinking when it comes to food preparation and presentation, as their dedicated event planners give clients exactly what they want, and are there every step of the process to foster collaborative culinary creativity.

Another major evolution in the catering experience is the integrated event, usually hosted by a caterer’s partner restaurant, giving potential clients the opportunity to sample some of these culinary concepts for themselves. Set Monday at Rasa — a chic downtown eatery near the University of Toronto campus — is a weekly event that gives you the chance to experience an bevvy of inspired menu items in a laid-back and approachable environment. Before you hire a caterer for your important event, consider attending an integrated tasting before you take the plunge, as it will give you a chance to experience first-hand the food choices on offer, and to meet the people behind the food.

Toronto’s dining and catering scene is coming alive like never before, so consider doing some direct — and delicious — research before you host your next major event, and ensure that your big day is one you never forget.

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