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Top tips for choosing your wedding stationery

by luxirare
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Picking your stationery is one part of the wedding planning process that will pop up again and again as you approach your big day. From save the dates and menus to wedding thank you cards, there are lots of elements to think about. With so many designs, formats and suppliers you can be sure to find something to suit your style and budget, but where to start? I asked stationery experts Atelier Rosemood for a word of advice on what things you may want to consider when it comes to choosing your wedding stationery

Your style 

Your wedding stationery is one of first insights your guests will get of your wedding day so it is integral that you go for something that represents you. 

Stay true to yourself! Instagram and Pinterest are great places for you to start gathering inspiration and ideas, but be careful not to be swayed by the current trends as you may end up going for something that will look great on social media but ultimately just isn’t you. 

If you know the style you want, whether it’s ‘bright and colourful’ or ‘low-key and minimalist’ then this will help you in making your final decision when it comes to the style of your invitation. 

Wedding theme 

If you have a theme for your big day this can become the main source of inspiration for the style and colours for your wedding stationery. Whether you decide to go for a simple look for your nuptials or a tropical theme for your destination wedding, using your theme can help narrow down the colours and may even help you decide on the wording and the style you are looking for in your stationery. 


The time of year plays an important role in not only choosing your location and menu but can also be a great way to help you select your stationery. Each season has an individual look and colour palette which in itself can make for a wonderful colour scheme. Taking inspiration from the colours of the trees, flowers or even the weather is a great starting point for choosing your stationery. 

Colour scheme 

Some people love to incorporate certain colours or hues into their wedding invitations and then carry them through their wedding suite for a cohesive look. Meanwhile, others like to mix and match, adapting the colours to other aspects of your wedding. Just bear in mind readability when choosing your colours; your text should contrast with your background so it pops for your guests. 


Your venue will also be a great source of inspiration for your wedding invites. Rustic wedding invitations featuring a green foliage border are a great way to give your guests an idea of what your country wedding reception will look like, whilst a more contemporary design will set the tone for your relaxed urban wedding. 

If you want to find out more about Rosemood and discover even more of their designs head over to their website www.rosemood.co.ukor keep up to date on new collections, products and giveaways over on their Instagram account @atelier_rosemood_uk

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