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Fashion – Top Tips for Buying Vintage Clothing

by luxirare
Vintage Clothing

There’s nothing quite like that feeling of finding the ultimate piece of vintage clothing. You’ll feel a thrill of excitement as you realise that you’ve found something unique, utterly distinguished and that no-one else will be wearing. And finding and buying this type of clothing need not be hard. All you require is a little bit of knowledge about sizes and labels alongside some experimental creativity when you’re mixing and matching items, and you’re good to go.

So, the next time you’re shopping online at places like Rokit, be sure to look out for the following:

The Correct Size

Unfortunately, modern sizes do not apply to vintage clothing ranges. So someone who may be a size 10 today might have been a size 14 in times gone by. Therefore, it’s important to know your dress measurements before buying vintage clothing, especially if you’re buying them online. Most retailers will give you specific measurements, e.g. chest, waist and length, so you can measure up before purchasing.

And don’t be too down-hearted if something doesn’t fit you perfectly when it arrives. A good tailor will be able to accustom this vintage item to suit your individual style and shape. You need to feel comfortable and stylish in what you’re wearing and refraining from alterations because of an item’s age defeats the point of enjoying vintage fashion. So, find a good quality tailor and befriend them; this will enable you to achieve a perfect fit and will make the piece even more unique to you!


Once you’ve found your ideal piece of vintage clothing, you’ll probably want to find out what decade it’s from (if you don’t already know). And a great way of finding this out is by looking at the label. The Vintage Fashion Guild has a fantastic label resource that you check out, which should allow you to find out what era your clothes are from.


Unless you’re only interested in one particular decade, e.g. the 40’s, there are no rules as to what pieces of vintage fashion you can mix-and-match. So, be bold in your choices and don’t be afraid to mix the old with the new. The beauty of vintage fashion is that it’s timeless, so you can bring certain pieces straight into the 21st Century with something you’ve bought from a modern high-street store. For example, you may have got some gorgeous new skinny jeans that will look perfect with that 80’s jumper you’ve just purchased.


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