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Top Three Ways To Tackle A Messy Living Room

by luxirare

Our living rooms are the most publicly visible areas of our homes – where we entertain our friends and loved ones, relax after work and spend time with our families. It’s an area that people get invited into and where we tend to congregate, and so we’re faced with the contradiction of wanting it to be the most presentable area of your home, at the same time as realising it’s a high-usage area that is quite hard to keep tidy at all times. We try our best to KonMari our cluttered corners and do a ten minute tidy up before bed, but still it’s difficult  to keep it presentable – but there are some little things you may be missing that can make your living room look a lot messier than it is, and there are some tips, tricks and home improvements which can help your living room look a lot more pulled together.

Choose Your Furniture Carefully

The right choice of furniture items can go a long way towards reducing clutter – both physical and spatial. There are now lots of stylishly designed pieces which offer additional concealed places to hide family clutter, such as a storage ottoman which can double up as extra seating or an impromptu coffee table while also swallowing papers or kids toys with ease, or shelving and media units which use a mix of open and closed sections that give you an extra place to stash unsightly extras. As well as dealing with paraphernalia, the design choices you make can also influence how cluttered a room feels. Furniture which is of too large a scale for the size and layout of the room will instantly make it look too full. Opting for narrower, taller pieces can help to reduce this impression, as can making sure that furniture has legs which raise it off the ground and help you to see floor space underneath – a minor visual trick, but one which can be transformative. If you have bulky furniture items which can’t be avoided, it’s all about positioning. Place them to the back of the room so that they don’t visually block the space and things will look a lot less cluttered.

Let In The Light

When a space is light and open it automatically looks a lot cleaner and neater, so if you’ve made your space dark, there is a risk that it can feel more cramped. Maximise the light within your living room by making sure furniture is placed well away from windows and opting for a window covering like day-to-night blinds which gives privacy but don’t make it darker, and streamlines away from the heavy bulk of curtains at the window. Ensure that you have a large statement light overhead and add in some mood lighting with table and floor lamps to brighten up dark corners.

Think About Colours

And of course your colour scheme does a lot to enhance the feeling of openness within the space. Don’t use too many competing colours, just go for one or two tones, perhaps with an accent colour that gets picked up in accessories such as picture frames or cushions. Minimise the use of patterns as well to make the space feel more streamlined and less distracting. You can achieve this feeling by selecting cushions, carpets and throws the same colour as your sofa, for example. 

With a few small touches, you can instantly create a feeling of calm and order in your living room and minimise the impact of clutter.

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