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Top men’s styling tips for work

by luxirare
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For men, it can be difficult to inject a little personality into the workplace. Men are often constrained by the need to wear a suit so the way in which they can express themselves whilst remaining professional can often be tricky. Hopefully, for any guys reading this blog in agreement, these top styling tips should help you stay stylish even in the office.

   Add a dash of colour

Just because you’re wearing a shirt, tie and so on doesn’t mean it has to be boring; if you want to add some individuality to your outfit, then always look for ways you can add some colour. Whether that’s a black suit with a different colour for the pinstripe, or a brightly coloured shirt or tie, you can easily transform the way you look and feel with these styling tips. Just remember when choosing the colour to stick to ones that complement your skin tone. For example, if you’re pale skinned with blue eyes, a steel grey or dark blue suit will match your tone much better than black, which can wash out your complexion.

   Choose a good quality suit

Always aim to purchase suits for the workplace that are of better quality. On the one hand they are often far better tailored, so they will fit well and help you feel more confident, but on the other hand, if you’re using them for the workplace you’ll need better quality material so that they can cope with daily use without falling apart.

   Don’t forget a waistcoat

Waistcoats are both a great addition and a great alternative for the workplace. There is something instantly professional about a man wearing a three-piece suit, but they also give you more flexibility. When it’s colder it will give you more warmth on the way to the office rather than having to wear a jumper, and on the other side to that, you can wear just a waistcoat in the summer and still look smart. They often have very bright patterns too for the lining which helps give your whole look a boost. Plus, these days you can get some great multi-buy deals on suits such as these from Jacamo, where you get a saving when you buy all three parts together.

   Choose accessories wisely

Guys can accessorise suits so easily and it’s the perfect way of adding something quirky. For example, you can get tonnes of cufflinks these days that cover everything from miniature silver PlayStation controllers to football icons – what better way to add a cheeky reference to something you love, whilst still remaining stylish? Shoes can also make a huge difference to any outfit, and that goes for suits too. If you’re wearing a blue suit for example, brown tones go better for footwear, but add some individuality to it by going for a sleek slip on or a laced brogue depending on your preference.

Do you have any styling tips for men?

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