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Top interior design trends this summer

by luxirare
interior design trends

Interior design trends are largely subjective, reflecting both the current mood in society, technological advances and an individual’s own taste that are rarely permanent. With so many options, materials and colours to choose from it is important to create a room that is functional, comfortable and has its own identity.

I recently came across a great article from the design team at Baytree Interiors describing some of the big interior design trends this summer; here are some of the ones that stood out for me:

Simple colours make a great foundation

Painting a room is much more daunting than many people realise. The colours chosen will undoubtedly be there for a number of years, because who wants to re-paint their room every year.

There are thousands of colours to choose from, but choosing simple colours such as pastels and neutral colours creates a great foundation to work with and expand on. For those who want to create something a bit different, adding a bright colour to a feature wall can draw attention to specific areas of the room.

Classic Country Furniture

Mix traditional and modern furniture styles

Using a mix of traditional and modern furniture styles can create a dynamic effect in a room. Mixing colours will also be a big trend this summer, especially with upscaling continuing to be a popular pastime.

Using certain furniture styles can create focal points throughout the home, and combined with a range of different fixture and fitting styles such as industrial lights and cast iron accents can create an eye-catching design.

Colourful soft furnishings will also be on trend this summer. Throws, cushions and rugs can add a new dimension to tired furniture whilst creating a more comfortable environment.

filament bulbs


Lighting plays a big part in creating the right ambience in a room. For areas that need to be well lit such as kitchens and hallways, pendant lighting is a great choice. These come in a range of different styles from industrial to modern designs and can be installed wherever you need a well-lit area.

For a more ambient feel, filament bulbs provide a vintage warm glow and come in a range of different styles to suit any room.

LED lighting has advanced a great deal over the past few years and is a cheap and efficient way to light your home. LED lighting can also be used for mood lighting, creating dynamic effects of different colours for any mood.

Smart homes

With smart TV’s and appliances becoming common place within the home, we can expect to see more innovation within the home in 2016. There are already a wide range of smart home systems capable of controlling your central heating, lights and doors, and as these systems become more affordable we will see this technology become more of a standard than a luxury.

In conclusion, as designers look to use technology to provide innovation and creativity into interior design trends, one thing is for sure, classic design traits are still here to stay and those at the forefront of design will continue to use a mixture of traditional and modern styles to create inspirational living spaces for years to come.

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