Top hair care tips in case of hair loss

Everybody loves having a beautiful hair, but there are cases in which our hair starts falling severely. There are many factors that can influence such an issue, like hormonal unbalances, various medical treatments, a pregnancy, an improper diet, stress, or health conditions like cancer. The problem can also be hereditary, so if you have someone in the family with hair loss problems, it is very likely for you to inherit this problem as well. Here are some hair care tips you could apply in case you suffer from hair loss.

   Improve your diet

Most people want to treat the hair loss problem from the outside, forgetting that hair also has roots which need to get the right nutrients for a healthy growth. You need to have a diet rich in vitamins and minerals, which means that you need to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, raw seeds and nuts, and healthy oils, like olive oil and fish oil. A healthy and diverse diet will help you have a beautiful hair as well.

   Avoid grooming your hair too much or catching it in a pony tail

Try to avoid grooming your hair too often. You hair is already fragile, so there is no need to aggress it even more by washing it and brushing it too much. Also, wear it loose, without pulling it back in a pony tail, because you will put unnecessary tension of the weak roots.

   Use essential oils for massaging your scalp

Essential oils are great for nourishing and hydrating the scalp. You should know that castor oil can do wonders in case of hair loss. You should apply a small quantity of castor oil all over your scalp, massaging gently to encourage circulation in this area, and allowing it to act as much as possible before washing your hair. Also, each time you wash your hair, you’re your finger tips to massage your scalp, because this massage encourages blood flow, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the hair roots.

   Reduce stress as much as possible

Stress is usually a major cause of hair loss. So try to calm down, by practicing meditation and doing activities you enjoy. Each time you feel stress invading you, remember that it is not good for you, causing hair loss and many other health problems.

   Avoid using hair styling products

Styling your hair too much, whether you use styling products or styling items, they all cause an additional stress on your hair. Until the situation gets better and your hair is stronger, avoid styling it. If you take proper care of it, properly hydrating it, it will start looking amazing in no time.

   Consider hair implants

If nothing works and your hair continues to fall, a solution would be hair implants. Still, it is recommended to see a doctor first, to see what is causing this massive hair loss. Finding out the cause behind your hair loss will make you take the best decision. Would you like to know the cost of a hair transplant? You will find it after a close inspection of the aesthetician, who will check out how severe the hair loss in your case is, also seeing the amount of hair that needs transplanted.

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