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Top 5 Ways To Cut The Costs On Business Related Travel

by luxirare

Traveling is becoming increasingly notorious for being a very expensive venture. There are simply so many costs when traveling, from airfare to hotel rooms to renting a car to fueling your rented car to food and so on.

Therefore, it’s perfectly understandable that when you learn to have to travel for business related purposes, your first reaction will be to only groan and roll your eyes at the thought of more expenses.

Still, there are a number of different techniques that you can utilize to save on travel, and that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

Here are the top five ways that you can cut the costs on business related travel:

1 – Book Far Ahead In Advance

Generally speaking, the easier you book plane tickets and hotel rooms, the more you’ll save.

The reason for this is simple: the prices of airfare in particular is ever changing, and can change by as much as a hundred dollars or more for the same flight within just a matter of days or weeks. Watching the fluctuating prices closely in the weeks or months before your planned or trip is simply your best bet for finding a good deal.

In addition, the time of week you book your flight matters too. Weekdays, and especially Wednesdays and Thursdays, are almost always the cheapest days for booking flights.

2 – Fly With Carry-On Bags Only

It’s also becoming increasingly expensive to fly with checked backs, so traveling light with a carry-on bag only will be more preferable if you want to save money.

So long as your carry-on bag measures twenty two inches in length or less, it should be suitable as a carry-on bag (in addition to bringing a more personal bag such as a briefcase or laptop bag).

Yes, there are some items you won’t be able to bring with you by traveling with only a carry-on bag. You’ll have to make sacrifices. But still, packing light can help to reduce stress when traveling, and it also undeniably helps with saving cash.

3 – Use Coupons and Promo Codes To Save On Flights

Flying is expensive, especially when you’re flying internationally. But one of the most overlooked tips of all for saving money on flights is to search the internet for coupons and promo codes for specific airlines.

All you’ll need to do is search for coupons and codes of airlines in a search engine, such as ‘Etihad promotional code’ for an example. You may honestly be surprised by the coupons and codes that you find online, some of which may allow you to save as much as 10% or more on a single flight.

4 – Eat Out Less

Who says that you have to eat out every single time when you travel? On a business trip, there will definitely be times that you’ll have to eat out at a restaurant with clients or colleagues for a business meeting of some sort.

But other than that, when it’s just you, it will be much more financially advantageous to instead stop by the nearest grocery store or supermarket to buy your own ingredients and prepare your own meals.

5 – Use Your Credit Card To Your Advantage

Depending on the credit card you have, it can be your best friend on any travel trip. Not only do many credit cards have excellent sign up offers (such as offering you 20,000 to 60,000 bonus points for spending a certain amount of money within a certain amount of time), you can also use the bonus points you accumulate on your card for booking flights and hotel rooms too.

The idea, however, is to use a credit card made specifically for travel. Travel credit cards will have much better travel-related sign up offers in addition to offering you more points (such as 2-3 points per dollar spent rather than just 1 point) for travel related expenses including airfare, in-flight purchases, and hotel rooms.

Cutting The Costs On Business Travel

You’re probably going to have to spend money on business related travel no matter what, assuming that whoever you work for isn’t paying for everything on your trip.

Still, business travel is only as expensive as you make it. Applying just one of the tips you have learned about in this article can go a long way to saving you money in your wallet.

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