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Top 10 things to get your husband for his birthday in 2019

by luxirare

It’s that time of year again…your husband’s birthday, a time where you’re endlessly running around the shops to buy him sock, slippers and the same toiletries he gets every year. Well not this time.

2019 is the year the truly surprise your loved one with a gift he’s not expecting, and more importantly, one he’ll really want. We’ve come up with the top 10 gifts to get your husband, from the latest gadgets to personalised gifts that truly mean something.

  •   Amazon Echo

Sick of listening to music from a small phone speaker? The Amazon Echo is the perfect home accessory to allow to you play music in different areas of the house. The Amazon Echo Dot starts from £49.99 and features Alexa. You can ask her questions, play music from different music streaming sources, set alarms and make calls through Skype. The perfect hands-free gift.

  •   Gym Bag

Does your other half carry an old, tattered sports bag to the gym? He might not say it but it may be time for an upgrade on some of his accessories. With fitness apparel becoming increasingly popular, there has never been a better range of gym bags out there, from leather hold-all’s to smart satchels, there are plenty of designs to suit different styles.

  •    Craft Beer

The craft beer industry has been booming in recent years which means there are plenty of brands to choose from. Companies usually offer craft beer gift boxes with a selection of different flavours that you can taste. Let your husband tickle his taste buds with the UK’s finest craft beers.

  •   Wireless Earphones

Whether he’s at the gym, commuting to work or simply lounging around the house, wireless earphones are the tangle-free way to listen to music on the go. If you want to go a little extra then Apple have created Air pods that are a pricey, yet stylish design. Other companies such as Bose have created their own line of wireless earphones.

  •   Personalised Number Plate

Want to add a personalised touch to his gift this year? A personalised number plate is a unique gift that adds a touch of class to any vehicle. Websites such as NewReg.co.uk offer the best deals on used private number plates so you can search for your perfect number plate without splashing too much cash.

  •   Beard Grooming Kit

Time to trim the wild animal look? Bring a touch of pampering to your husband’s life with a grooming kit fit for a Barber’s shop. You’ll find kits that include beard oil, shaving cream, a brush and other items that will make shaving a whole new experience.

  •   Nintendo Switch

Unleash his inner child with the Nintendo Switch, a portable gaming console. If he’s spends a lot of time away on business then the Switch is a fantastic way to steers away any boredom on flights and in the hotel room. Plus, a great way to bring the family together.

  •   Thermal Flask

Gone are the days of your husband spending money daily on expensive beverages from the local coffee shop. With sustainability being a big issue, plenty of brands are butting their own spin on the classic flask, meaning it’s possible to get a stylish, yet environmentally friendly flask.

  •  Smart Watch

If your husband is into sport, let him keep track of his daily fitness activities with a Smart Watch. Companies such as Fitbit and Garmin offer a variety of watches at different price points that come with different features such as:

-tracking steps

-tracking calories burnt

-measuring sleep

  •  Make Your Own Gin

Enjoy a fancy tipple? Why not save money going out buying fancy drinks when you can make your own gin in the comfort of your own home? And have fun doing it too. Gin is fast becoming the most popular drink in the UK, let him experiment and try out new flavours with his own gin making it.

Now you know what’s out there it’s time to work out what’s best for your husband. Whether you’re looking for a lot of small gifts or one big one, there are plenty of different options for you to choose one.

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