Top 10 stocking fillers

Time is running out and Christmas is getting closer and closer. Do you have everything you need to make sure that the stockings of the people you love will be filled? If you don’t, there’s no need to panic just yet. You still have time to take everything you need. But, to be even easier for you this year, you’ll find out a great place to find the best stocking fillers. The Works’ Christmas Shop has gift ideas to match all desires and budgets, so it is impossible not to find what you need there. Perhaps the following list, containing top 10 stocking fillers, will be of great help.

  1. A Song Of Ice And Fire – Game Of Thrones – 7 Book Box Set With Westeros And Free Cities Poster Map

If you have a husband that is a fan of Game of Thrones, he will definitely enjoy this kind of present more than anything. There is no better gift for a fan than a gorgeous collection of books that were behind the famous TV series. The books also come with a special holder for a presentable appearance.

  1. Manchester United Football Club Christmas Gift Set

If your partner is not too much into watching movies, football may be his real passion. Once a Manchester United fan, always a Manchester United fan, so this gift set will become the best stocking filler for a true supporter.

  1. The Simpsons 2017 Annual and Duff Beer Mug

There probably isn’t an adult these days that did not watch The Simpsons back in the days. If you know your guy loved those cartoons, this mug will bring him back great memories.

  1. Harry Potter Colouring Book Set with 36 Colouring Pencils

Adult coloring books are the hit of the year when it comes to expressing your creativity. If you r wife or girlfriend likes being creative, this set will bring a lot of joy. If she is a Harry Potter fan as well, thing will get even better.

  1. Heart Shaped Nordic Hand Warmers

Cold hands are common among ladies during this time of the year, so make sure your lady will have something to warm them up at home or on the go at all times.

  1. Juice It To Lose It Book and Electric Turbo Juicer Set

Every woman is preoccupied by the way she looks and feels. So an electric juicer and a book to guide her how to prepare delicious and healthy juices, blended mixes, and more, will definitely be a great choice.

  1. Weird Science – Awesome Glowing Lab

Kids love discovering things and learning while playing, so this cute science lab will definitely keep them busy and entertained. It will teach them how to perform safe experience, which will glow once the lights are turned off.

  1. Paw Patrol Music Fun

Did you notice an attraction towards music in your child? Then this gift will be the first musical instruments the young one will get to play. It is fun and simple and will allow the child to discover more about playing music.

  1. Star Wars Childrens Book Set

Giving a child a book is always a smart choice, because it helps him or her develop a lot of mental abilities. If you know your child is Star Wars fan, it may be perfect to motivate him to read by offering this book set.

  1. Dr Seuss Colouring Book with 36 Colouring Crayons

Every child loves coloring, including parents love this activity, because it keeps the young ones sitting nice and quiet, and out of mischief. Plus, this coloring book is extremely interesting and will definitely stimulate the imagination of children.


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