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TOM FORD Black Orchid Eau de Parfum Review

by luxirare
TOM FORD Black Orchid

TOM FORD Black Orchid represents my heavy artillery that accompanies my evening attires! It’s not like Black Orchid needs a dress to turn heads, but it’s sober, sweet, dark, and opulent. To what concerns me, vanilla and frankincense are the rulers, followed by black chocolate and patchouli.

I cannot distinguish too many resemblances between TOM FORD Black Orchid and Angel. At least to when it comes to the chemistry of my skin. Yes, both of them are infused with generous portions of patchouli, chocolate, and vanilla, but here these notes are profound, deep, and bewildering. Angel is effervescent and sparkling while Black Orchid is dressed-up, elegant, and balanced, although it’s also charged with a lot of sexuality. You can’t forget it once you met it and you won’t be able to take your mind off it.

It’s dark, seductive, and tempting, the kind of aroma that could describe a passionate dance. It presents a more masculine note that I adore and which is similar to that offered by Givenchy Gentleman, although in this case, the note has a sharper slightly fermented must nature, delicately smoked, woody, and dusty. An olfactory feast. I can barely feel the truffle note on my skin. It’s hard to describe, this is how complex I find it.

TOM FORD Black Orchid it is not a perfume made to suit shy and lonesome women, but for those that occupy high positions or those who have charm, elegance, passion, and self-confidence. It is a perfume with a strong personality. It surprises me to find out that many women wear it and that it is “dated” because I can’t remember feeling it on somebody else. But maybe it’s that kind of chameleon-type perfume. Anyway, TOM FORD Black Orchid it is a work of art, the way it behaves on my skin makes me place it on top positions on my favorite perfumes list.


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