Tips for a Spring Interior Refresh for Your Home

There is no better time to “hit refresh” in your home than Spring. The evenings are longer with crisp fresh air, the sun is beginning to shine and people are generally in much higher spirits. So, say goodbye to the bleak and gloom of winter with a Spring interior refresh – this will rejuvenate your home and make your house a much brighter and more inviting space.

Spring Clean

First, you will want a thorough Spring clean of the entire home. This will include going into every room and organising what can stay and what needs to go. By getting rid of any clutter, it will immediately create a lot more space and also be a huge weight off of your mind. You should also give the home a deep clean so that it looks (and smells) fresh and inviting.

Bright Colours

Spring is a time for bright colours, but you do not have to repaint every wall to bring this inside. Simply refresh a room by placing down a bright new carpet, by changing the curtains or with some bold new cushions or sheets. You could also pick out a few colourful pieces of art for different rooms. These are quick, affordable and effective ways to inject colour for the new season.


It is difficult to truly refresh a room without making a major change or two. Embrace a happier time of the year by investing in a few pieces of high-quality furniture. This could include a stylish sofa for the lounge, lightweight chairs for the dining room or even a bench for your patio. You should always invest in quality so that it improves your home whilst also ensuring that the items last – places like Viaduct will be the best place to shop.

High-quality furniture is always a guaranteed way to improve both the look and feel of a room and it is something that any guests that you have over will immediately pick up on.

New Plantlife

Spring is a season that is all about life and colour. Bring this into your home by purchasing colourful new plantlife, which could include flowers, cacti, herbs or any other type that you wish. Not only will this bring the outdoors in, but it is also proven to have a positive impact on mental health.

This is how you give your home a Spring interior refresh and it will help you to say goodbye to winter and bring in a more positive and brighter season.

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