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Tips on packing your holiday luggage

by luxirare
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I’ve met women that feel perfectly fine with packing only the essential when going on a holiday. By this I mean a pair of shorts, maxi dress, and a beach dress, 3 T-shirts, 1 bathing suit, a linen shirt, a cardigan for chilly evenings, a scarf, a pair of flip-flops, a pair of canvas sneakers, a pair of gladiator sandals, sunglasses, and a hat…

I admire these women, I really do. But with all my efforts, I am far from achieving the same performances. I am by far this disciplined, and I am not a hardcore minimalist either. Of course, I can always grab my things and throw them in a mini-suitcase, for a spontaneous vacation, but each time I can’t help myself to add some extra items also.

It is about the pleasure of wearing something in particular, about the joy of having enough clothing pieces to choose from, the emotional safety offered by all the possibilities. But no, I don’t end up stuffing my entire wardrobe in my suitcase, no matter how tempting that might be. Let’s be serious about it! So, trying to make the perfect holiday luggage set up for a vacation, not compromising too much of my favourite clothes, but not dragging an entire closet along, here are a few rules I made in time, which may work in your case as well.


Rule #1: Only pack the clothes you really like!

This might be something that is more than obvious. Still, think about it: didn’t it occur to you to take with you clothes that usually leave you indifferent, on any other day? Some T-shirt, a dress with a faded colour – those clothes that you saved for the “you never know” situations or “just for vacation”. You just put them in the suitcase, hoping that you will wear them on this occasion, at least. But let’s face it, this is not going to happen.

luggage Tenerife

Rule #2: Imagine yourself at the destination

If you are going to spend two weeks at Punta Cana or Tenerife, you don’t have to take a pair of high heel sandals, the coloured blazer, that elegant ruffled dress, an urban bag, hair rollers, or the flat iron. Even if you are afraid that you won’t manage with what you have in the suitcase, missing that “something” that may make your outfit perfect, please, be reasonable. Thinking about the destination will help you make the right choices.


Rule #3: Pick the most versatile pieces

To best use the space in your holiday luggage, select those clothing items that can be reinvented in various ways. Those you can adapt and transform according to the moment of the day, location, occasion, or temperature. Here are some examples:

  • The bandeau bra or the top of a tankini, which can be worn as tops, with a pair of short pants, or a pair of palazzo or chino pants.
  • A denim shirt, which can be worn as a jacket during a chillier evening;
  • An extra large shirt, thin and light, made out of linen or modal, which can replace a beach dress and can also be worn open, with a skirt or short pants;
  • A light maxi dress or loose coverall, which can be switched from a daytime attire to a night one, just by playing with various accessories;
  • A coloured scarf, large enough to fit you as a pareo during the day and a turban at night;

Rule #4: Pick jewellery, belts, scarves that will fit with most of the clothes you packed.

luggage Tenerife
Rule #5: Organise your holiday luggage

Put everything that has a heavier weight (books, shoes, dressing case) on the bottom of the bag or spread them evenly on the sides.

Instead of an incredibly large dressing case, split the needed products in 2, 3, or 4 smaller cases. One can hold the beach products, one for the cosmetics, one for makeup products, and one for medicines.

Roll your clothes, instead of folding them. To your surprise, they will be less rumpled when they reach the destination. Use as much as possible the empty spaces. Put rolled socks inside sneakers, rolled tops in the corners of the suitcase, a scarf rolled around phone chargers…

Also, you may want to add an extra fordable bag. Again, you can never know…

And last, don’t forget to grab a small plastic bag or sac for the dirty clothes.

All that is left for me to do is to respect with meticulosity the previously mentioned rules. And, of course, to get ready for my vacation to Tenerife!


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