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Things You Do Need To Know About Air Conditioning

by luxirare
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Air conditioners are often used when they are available but most people do not know that much about them. Although it is not necessary to completely understand how air conditioning work, there are different things homeowners have to be aware of. This is exactly what we are going to talk about in the following paragraphs.

Efficiency And Airflow Are Killed By Dirty Filters

When it comes to the most important things to know about air conditioning, being sure that filters are in proper working condition is what counts the most. The filters will increase efficiency, aiflow and improve air quality. If a filter is dirty, the entire system ends up working way too hard. An overexertion happens and utility bills become higher.

Bills can be lower if air conditioning systems are not clogged. Generally, the air filter needs to be changed every month but this does vary from one unit to the next. Be sure that you check air filter MERV rating to be sure everything is in proper working condition.

Regular Maintenance Is Very Important

Most homeowners do not even remember when a professional visited and checked the system. With all HVAC systems it is very important to go through bi-annual maintenance tasks if longevity and safety are desired. Generally, this should happen once during the autumn and once during the spring.

A common mistake is waiting until the AC system breaks down. This is dangerous and completely inefficient. The technician can easily identify problems that exist and handle repairs before you have to spend a lot of money on them. Regular professional maintenance drastically increases the life of an AC unit, even by up to 20 years.

Compressors And Condensers Have To Be Clear And Clean

A condenser coil is outside the unit. This is where the refrigerant transforms from gas to liquid. Compressors will raise refrigerant pressure, moving it all along with the use of a fan that completes the AC cycle. Everything happens in the unit’s outdoor condenser. If your desire is to have an AC that pumps out cold air, you want to be sure your outdoor unit is as clean as possible. Checking the unit every single month to be sure there is zero debris stuck inside fins is a necessity. At the same time, you need to clean unit sides and remove grass, leaves, branches or dirt. Encroaching plants should always be trimmed back.

Keep The Air Conditioner Cool

The AC keeps your home cool but you can easily do your part to help. When the indoor temperature is really hot before the unit is turned on, the AC ends up working really hard to restore optimal comfort. This is why it is a very good idea to keep your shades and blinds closed during hot times. Keeping indoor temperatures down in a natural way offers the break that the AC unit needs to function for a longer time frame. It is also worth sealing up any air leak, improve the home’s insulation and use some floor or ceiling fans in order to create a useful wind-chill effect.


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