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Things to Know as a First-Time BMW Owner

by luxirare

Since the launch of the BMW brand more than a century ago, the iconic blue-and-white logo has become synonymous with engineering excellence and luxury. Executives and professionals across the country aspire to own one – and they’re more accessible than ever, thanks to a thriving used market, and a range of personal lease options.

If you’re planning to take the leap into BMW ownership, there are a few considerations worth bearing in mind. Let’s take a look at some of the more significant of them.

Type of tyre pressure

One of the luxuries of owning a vehicle of this type is that tyre pressure is monitored and reported automatically, via the ABS sensors. If the rolling diameter of a tyre begins to shrink, then the system will report that it’s losing pressure. In older models, this is done through the FTM (flat-tyre monitor); in newer ones, there’s a specialised TPMS (tyre-pressure monitoring system), which comes with its own sensors.

Fuel Quality

There’s not much point in investing a premium vehicle and filling it with economy-priced fuel. It’s time to start reaching for the high-octane fuel, rather than relying on the cheap stuff. Look in your manual and consider the octane rating advised as a minimum. Treating the engine to the good stuff will help you to avoid problems with reliability further along the line.

Get it Inspected

If you’ve buying second-hand, then have a mechanic look at the vehicle. Older BMWs tend to run into problems with the cooling system; the water pump, thermostat and expansion tank are all vulnerable, and replacing them can be expensive. Once the vehicle gets a clean bill of health, you’ll be able to drive with confidence.

Look after the Paintwork

The quality of the paintwork will have a huge effect on the way that the car looks. Get it waxed during the summer, and ideally, store it in a garage during winter to protect it against ice and snow to prevent colour fade throughout the more weather-extreme seasons.

Take it for a Test-Drive

To be sure that the car is a good match for your needs, take it for a test-drive. Cars come in a range of sizes, styles, and performance qualities, and you’ll want to be sure that your new purchase feels good to drive, and meets all of your practical needs. After all, if you’re putting a considerable amount of money into the purchase, it’s worth making sure it ticks every box.

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