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Things that Piss Me Off – Michael Kors bags

by luxirare
Michael Kors, Michael Kors bags

Michael Kors bags. I am a woman, and I love bags, but I really cannot understand the trend revolving around these utterly dull bags. I mean, okay, the quality is alright, but the models are something you will rapidly forget and the logo is merely mediocre. In fact, I believe Michael Kors bags are boring bags for average people. There is absolutely no originality in them, all their models being just ugly copies of well-known brands, like Celine and Valentino. And considering that they are copies, these bags are far too expensive in my opinion. Let’s take the copies that are made in China. They come at decent prices because you get what you buy, and that is a copy. To be fair, knockoffs are present in every branch of the fashion industry, but Michael Kors takes this lack of originality to new levels.


And yes, if you have the impression that I hint at the idea that Michael Kors is a tanned old guy with a huge lack of talent, you are not wrong at all.

All over London I see babes that think they are into fashion, who try to look like VIPs, wearing £10 leggings, a pair of fake Louboutin shoes and the always present Michael Kors bag. Let’s not forget about the fact that they enjoy taking lots of selfies, appearing on Instagram with the “fashionista” hashtag. They buy these bags thinking they are luxury items. But in reality, these bags are far from being luxurious. I would define a luxury brand as one that evokes social prestige, aspirational appeal, design credibility, exclusivity. So, Michael Kors doesn’t fit the bill.

My proposal is to support designers that are not so known at the moment but are incredibly talented and create high-quality items. For them, any purchase means a step closer to their dream, of being acknowledged for their efforts and creativity, not just another penny to the millions they already own.

What do you think about Michael Kors handbags?

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