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The Working Woman’s Fashion Essentials

by luxirare

When it comes to women’s fashion in the workplace there are simply too many options to choose from. The rules for work wear aren’t always explicitly formulated in the company handbook, but they do exist. You have to look professional and presentable, for one. Your attire should be preferably not-too-memorable, so you can wear the same outfits without anyone really noticing. You also have to wear comfortable clothes as well, as suffering for fashion doesn’t bode well for your own productivity.

Here are some workplace fashion essentials you should have in your wardrobe.

A Well-Fitted Blazer

You may have to spend more $$ on this as it’s important to buy one of very good quality but you won’t regret the investment.  A good blazer is easy to spot because it looks much better, with fitted forms and slimming features in all the right places. It’s also more comfortable to wear, as it won’t restrict your arms to just to your sides either.

You can wear this blazer very frequently, but people won’t think that you’re wearing the same attire day in and day out because you can wear it with casual clothes or with a blouse and a pair of workplace pants to really rock the professional look.

Blouses and Trousers

Try solid colors and a few stripes for your tops and then mix and match them with your trousers. You can then project a no-nonsense professional vibe yet you won’t seem overdressed. At the same time, you also won’t appear too casual.

A Well-Cut Dress for Interviews and Business Meetings

This dress should offer enough room to allow you to sit comfortably for any meeting. The material of the dress should also be thick enough to be appropriate and yet flattering.

This type of dress is easy to put on, so it’s a great choice if you’re running late. At the same time, you also put on an undeniable air of sophistication and elegance. Solid colors are the best, as they’re not too unforgettable and it won’t feel like everyone notices that you’re wearing the same outfit too frequently.

A Casual Dress

Now that summer is here, casual dresses may be a more popular choice than formal business attire. A casual dress gives off a lighter impression and is also more comfortable for you. Pick one that’s pretty yet workplace-acceptable, and you’re good to go. As a bonus, if you’re meeting friends at a coffee shop or restaurant after work, your attire is fun enough not to warrant a change of clothes.

Comfy Shoes

The workplace isn’t really the ideal place for high heels. Instead, you should go with low heels that don’t make a lot of “clacking” noises. It should be of good quality so it will last and it will also treat your feet well. Pick shoes in neutral colors too, so that they can go with more of your outfits.

Flats aren’t too casual for the office either, and they’re extremely comfortable. Bring a pair inside your workbag so that you can wear them to go to that important meeting for which you’ve prepared heels to look more impressive.  

Pencil Skirts

This is like the white shirt for men. On women, pencil skirts always look good as they can make any top look more professional and formal. Invest in one and you’ll get to use it a lot if you’re not exactly into trousers.

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