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The Top Feminine Perfume Scents You Can Buy Today

by luxirare

It’s the time of year when we treat the special people in our lives to a gift that shows them how much they mean to us. This year, perhaps more than most in recent memory, it feels so important to give our loved ones something that shows not only how much we care about them, but how much they mean to us and how much we understand what they love, enjoy and treasure. There is no gift more personal than the gift of perfume, as the perfect scent can conjure so much emotion, history and memory. It’s a present that looks back as well as forward, to the experiences that you’ve shared together as well as all the adventures yet to come. 

Now and then we all need a little help finding the exact right perfume scent, and the range of choices on offer can be a little overwhelming. Do you want to get her the one that you know she likes, which she buys every year and wears every day? Or do you want to take a chance on something a little more special, that feels like more of an event and is to be held in reserve for special occasions? Is it to be worn on that sunny holiday to an exotic location that you’ve been promising each other since the start of this extremely indoors year? Or is it destined for an evening by the fire after on that trek through the countryside in the spring rain and cold? Maybe it’s for that quiet dinner for two at the end of a very long and difficult year where you can simply rest, be quiet and be with each other? As the perfume industry adapts to a changing world, they are always going to provide that gift like no other.

Whatever the occasion, here are a few tips and selections to help you find the perfect feminine perfume scent for your loved one.

There Are Always The Classics

Sometimes when it comes to gift giving, it can be sensible to play it safe. With something as personal as the gift of perfume, the wrong choice can be a disappointment to both the giver and the recipient as the bottle heads to the back of the cabinet to be “saved for later.” If the person you’re buying for is relatively new in your life and you are not confident about the scents that she prefers, then perhaps going for a classic style is the best route forward.

The big brands and names of the perfume industry are always putting out new spins on their well-known lines, whether that’s Chanel offering a new evening fragrance with L’Eau Privée or Dior going big and floral with their new take on J’Adore: Infinissime. If going for a name that you don’t recognise fills you with nerves, a well-known name brand is a safe bet that can be worn regularly.

The Sweetness Of Vanilla

If the person you’re buying for is a fan of a sweet perfume scent, a fragrance with notes of vanilla is a wonderful idea. It’s a tricky thing to get right, as some perfumes will lean too heavily into the saccharine and create a sickly-sweet aroma that is overpowering. When it works, it should be a gorgeous spiced blend that is uniquely feminine. It’s the perfect choice for a winter’s night curled up inside with your loved one, a scent that is sensual, sweet and intimate.

With all that being said, it’s hardly surprising that vanilla-scented perfumes are such a popular product with brands both big and small. You are going to find yourself somewhat spoiled for choice, so we would recommend going for a perfume from a line with an established history and track record. Caldo Gourmand from the Italian niche perfume makers Officina delle Essenze is a gourmand perfume with vanilla and caramel, with top notes of bergamot and musky, woody base notes that blend to create a scent that is both intense and tender, sweet and silky. It’s one of their bestsellers, and with good reason.

Transport Her With An Exotic Scent

A perfume doesn’t just have the power to conjure emotions, it can also transport the wearer to a whole different place and time. The right scent can conjure the memories of the perfect summer holiday you shared years ago, of secluded sandy beaches or a mountain forest. If the person you’re buying a perfume for is a constant traveller who has been turned into a reluctant homebody by the events of 2020, a perfume is the perfect way to remind them of the times away that you’ve shared and all the adventures you’ll go on together in the years to come. 

Notes of tobacco can transport the wearer to the times they whiled away the hours in a bustling night-time hotspot, while a touch of juniper (as found in Jo Malone’s Midnight Musk and Amber) can bring to mind late nights flying from bar to dance club. Heart notes of Osmanthus and Marine scents combined in a perfume like Officina delle Essenze’s Osmarine will take the wearer to a sun-dappled beach, where they sat on the rocks by the salt water and soaked up the sunshine. If your special someone has been dying to get back into the woods and trees, a woody, earthy scent like Forest Lungs by The Nue Co. will make her feel like she’s strapped on her walking boots and gone exploring. 

Back Into Normal Life

As difficult as the events of 2020 have been, all things pass and normal life will resume. This isn’t just a helpful reminder for your mental health, it’s also an important thing to consider when you’re buying that special someone their perfume. With the weather so horrible at this time of year and with everyone spending so much time indoors, the temptation is there to find a fragrance to complement these elements. However, we’ll be heading back out of the house soon enough, and you need to think about where and when she likes wearing her favourite scent.

If you want to find the perfect perfume for her to wear to the office (remember the office?), a bright and breezy scent could be the way to go. Uplifting, zesty fruit notes combined with sandalwood (as found in something like Hugo Boss’ Orange) conjure the feeling of being fresh and ready for the day, and sharp notes of blackcurrant and pepper are perfect for those wanting to make a confident but understated statement for a fresh start of a new year. 

Show You Know Her

A perfume always says something about the person wearing it. It’s a statement, a declaration and that can be as understated or as powerful as you want. With that in mind, think about whether the perfume that you have chosen gives off the kind of message that your loved one would want it to. Would they want a bright, sweet scent with notes of peach that gives off the feel of a warm summer’s day? Or are they more of a smoky winter’s evening person? A scent has a strong personality just as its wearer does and it’s worth considering moods and tones when you’re making your decision. 


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