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The Surprising Benefits of Adult Jigsaw Puzzles

by luxirare

Are you getting bored or you have a bit too much spare time in your hands? Or perhaps you’re stressed and would like a pleasant activity to relax you. According to the latest trends, jigsaw puzzles are enjoying a significant comeback. This may be due to the fact that people are looking for enjoyable ways to spend time at home or something that could provide relief from stress and tensions. The best part about jigsaw puzzles is that they are affordable. Also, in the end, you’ll get to enjoy artwork done by your hands. So, having said all these, here are several rather surprising benefits of jigsaw puzzles for adults.

  • They will exercise both of your brain’s hemispheres

It is known that the human brain has two hemispheres, each with its role and purpose. So, if the right hemisphere is the intuitive and creative half, the left hemisphere is the logical one. When enjoying a jigsaw puzzle, you manage to activate both of the hemispheres at once. And this is not a mere assumption, but a finding of one of the world’s most important companies in neurotransmitter testing. It doesn’t matter if you enjoy a 500 pieces puzzle or a 1000 pieces puzzles, as both have the same effects on your brain. 

  • They will provide relief from stress 

The illness of the century is, without a doubt, stress. So, any method that can help us reduce the impact of stress of our mental and physical health is welcome. It is believed that doing jigsaw puzzles provides effects similar to a meditation session. Because you focus your attention on a single image, investing attention into what you’re doing and not allowing thoughts to run free through your mind, the effects of this process are pretty much the same with meditation. In the end, you will find relief from stress and you’ll feel more relaxed. 

  • It is a great activity for the entire family or when you need some time alone

Jigsaw puzzles can strengthen the bonds between spouses, siblings, and family members. This is why you should not hesitate enjoying this kind of activity with the people you love. The weather is getting colder, which means that you’ll need something fun and pleasant to do together inside the house. You can even opt for custom puzzles, made to fit an image of your choice, which will be even more appreciated by family members.

However, doing jigsaw puzzles can offer precious time alone as well. If you feel the need to sit quietly on your own, while unwinding and relaxing, this kind of activity can provide what you’re seeking. It can be very pleasant to stay away from technology and gadgets for a little while, finding the peace and calmness you need to recharge your batteries.

  • They could even make you live longer

While this may seem like a daring statement, some studies say that jigsaw puzzles may have the power to help people live longer and healthier lives. Because it exercises the brain, the chances to develop illnesses like Alzheimer’s or dementia at an older age drop significantly. Believe it or not, a scientific magazine noticed that the brains of 75-year-old people, who did puzzles regularly, are very similar to the brain of 25-year-old people. So, this is a strong-enough reason to start doing puzzles right away. 

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