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The Shift from Mined to Synthetic Diamonds – What a Millennial Wants

by luxirare

At some point in the past, we saw that everyone was going crazy with buying diamonds. They were seen as an investment, they held quite a lot of sentimental value (at least for some people), they were durable – and let’s face it, they were pretty. If a woman was wearing diamond jewelry, she was seen as a lucky person, and a fancy one at that.

With that said, not as many people are interested in mined diamonds nowadays – women and men alike. More and more people are going for synthetic diamonds instead – and while some of their reasons might be logical, others simply just make more sense once you think about it. Here is why millennials do not really bother with “real” mined diamonds and opt for lab-made (synthetic) ones instead.

  • Synthetic Diamonds are Less Expensive

As some millennials put it in an article written for the Huffington Post, “It is a good day if they can even afford something as simple as a McChicken.” If they can barely afford a sandwich, how can people expect them to buy real diamonds? 

With wages dropping and unemployment on the rise, more and more people are going for synthetic diamonds because they are much cheaper – since you no longer have to mine them anymore. They are grown inside the lab, which further decreases the labor for them.

  • Mined Diamonds have Less Value

Indeed, mined diamonds are quite valuable – at least where money is concerned. You end up paying quite a lot for a diamond ring or necklace, for instance – and most people have to take loans in order to pay for them. When it comes to money, indeed, they are quite invaluable.

Nevertheless, people care less about the money and more about the memory that said the diamond represents. For instance, nowadays, people hold more value in memorial diamonds made by companies such as Heart in Diamond – mostly because that is not your average diamond. It’s the ashes of a loved one that became a diamond – which turned the jewel into something even more precious. 

  • Synthetic Diamonds are Environmentally-Friendly

Mining actual diamonds is not exactly an environmentally-friendly activity. The more you dig through those mines, the more nature itself has to suffer because of it. Plus, considering all the technology that you will need to mine those diamonds, there’s a good chance that you’ll be also be damaging the ozone layer.

However, by creating that diamond in the lab, you get the same quality diamonds – minus the labor happening in a mine. Less carbon emissions are sent into the air, making it a “green” solution for creating jewelry of a great quality. 

In the end, you could say that the purpose of synthetic diamonds is not necessarily because they are cheaper – but because they are valuable in different ways. They represent our loved ones, they represent our planet – and they are more than just money for us. They are investments for our soul rather than our bank accounts.

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