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The Real Hallmarks Of Travelling In Luxury

by luxirare
Travelling In Luxury

If you like to travel a lot, you will probably have realized just how much better it is to do so in as much luxury and comfort as possible. The truth about travel is that it is much more enjoyable and generally easier when you don’t have to worry about the details, and in particular when it is being taken care of for you. That, coupled with the sense of true luxury, is a sure sign that you are truly travelling in style – and that is something that most keen travellers are aiming towards in life. In this post, we are going to take a look at what might be some of the real hallmarks of travelling in luxury. As long as you take care of the following becoming true, you can be sure that you are travelling in luxury – and that could mean a much more enjoyable quality of life on the whole.

The Transport

First of all, you will need to look at the transport that you use, how you use it, and whether or not it is the kind that reeks of luxury. Whether you are going for a short trip or an extended one, you will find that it is necessary to try and find the best and most comfortable way to travel, and the truth is that there are a huge number of options available for you here. To begin with, you might want to think about trying to fly first class, or at least business class. For most people, this is going to be a tall order, but it might actually be easier than you think to grab such a seat on any commercial plane.

To start with, bear in mind that it is always worth asking for an upgrade. You would be surprised how often there are sets going and sometimes it has been known for airline staff to allow free upgrades – or at least upgrades for less than the actual difference between the two seat prices. You might be able to bag a cheap seat this way, so it’s always worth a go. Ask once at the desk upon check-in and once as you enter the plane – but don’t bug them any more than that if the answer is a firm no. you should also always be sure to mention whenever you are travelling in luxury for a special occasion. If it is your birthday, or anniversary or hen party, then mention it and see whether you can get a free upgrade. You might be surprised – this works more often than you might think.

Alternatively, consider saving up your air miles until you can actual purchase a eat in first or business class that way. If you are a fairly frequent flyer, this won’t actually take you too long, and it is definitely worth it if it means that you will have a much more enjoyable time on your journey to wherever you are going. Even if you can only manage to do this once in your life, it is well worth doing.

But it’s not just that having a good seat on a commercial plane is your only option. If you really want to max it out on the luxurious part of travelling, you might want to think about trying to go by private jet. This is one of those ideals which are seen as so high as to be almost impossible for the everyday individual, but that might turn out not to actually be the case. The truth is that you can actually relatively easily get hold of your own private jet for your next travels, and you might be surprised at just how low the jet cost can be, especially if you are only hiring for a single trip. It’s worth looking into regardless, as it is on of the most luxurious ways you can possibly travel.

Even when you are travelling relatively normally, as it were, you can still make sure that it is as luxurious as possible by ensuring that you are comfortable, that you have your comforts around you, and that you have as much space as possible. All of this will make for a considerably more enjoyable way of getting there – and getting home.

The Accommodation

Of course, once you have arrived at your destination, you don’t want the luxury to end, and nor does it have to. The place in which you are staying needs to be luxurious as well if you are to consider your entire travels to be luxurious, so you will need to have a look in the local area and see what kind of hotels and accommodations there are to choose between. You might actually be surprised at how little you have to pay for a decent four star hotel, although if you want to upgrade to five or beyond it does start to get pricey. However it all depends on a number of factors, and understanding that helps you to be able to make that much more likely for yourself on your next trip abroad.

To begin with, the location changes the pricing a lot, and it’s a good idea to know what kind of places can offer cheap and good quality accommodation. If you go to Phuket in Thailand, for instance, there are a number of five star hotels which, while not exactly cheap, are considerably less expensive than you would have assumed. Bearing this in mind will mean that you can always be careful about your destination choice, and use that choice to ensure that you are going to be able to stay in luxury as long as you are happy negotiating sometimes on where you are actually going.

However, you don’t have to do that in order to be able to stay in luxury. The truth is that there are many other ways to do so as well, including using a number of websites which specialise in selling on last minute hotel rooms for considerably cheaper than usual. These work because the hotel is seeking to fill up for a few nights, and so they sell on their rooms cheap. It’s always worth keeping an eye out for those, as sometimes a room in a wonderful hotel will crop up which you can then jump on for hardly any money at all. In this way, you can expect to stay in luxury muh more affordably and easily, so it’s worth thinking about.

Even if you only stay in a normal hotel, you can ensure that you make it more luxurious by getting the best room you can afford, and making it as comfortable as possible. As with the travelling element, as long as there is great comfort you should be able to ensure that you are travelling in luxury.

The Pampering

Finally, it is always worth trying to find a way in which you can get pampered, so that you can really feel as though you are living the luxurious dream. There are many ways to do this, whether it is going for the occasional spa day while you are away, or just ensuring that you make the most of your hotel’s room service. However you do it, remember that you should make the most of it, so that you can fully and truly enjoy your holiday abroad, in such a way as to be able to travel in genuine luxury whenever you choose.

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