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Review – The mysticism of Egypt Eau de Parfum | Penhaligon’s

by luxirare

Egypt fascinated human kind since the beginnings of time, being the cradle of one of the most developed, successful, and powerful civilisations in the ancient world. The people in Egypt always claimed to have a connection with divinity, their pharaohs being the chosen ones by Gods to come to Earth and lead the people. Mystery and very many secrets still hover around Egypt, as it is not known for sure how the Egyptians had the knowledge and power to build such magnificent structures, like the imposing pyramids. Also, their culture and spiritual life was one of a kind in the entire history, probably being among the first civilisations that had so many traditions. Even today, Egypt remained an inspiration for stories, legends, and magic, also being one of the most appreciated placed to visit in the entire world. The rich history and unique lifestyle attract people here like a magnet.

Penhaligon’s, with the help of famous perfumer Christian Provenzano, bring to the audience two new fragrances in Penhaligon’s ‘Trade Routes‘ collection, both of them encapsulating some of the most representative essences of Egypt. Ancient Egyptians were known for their interest towards personal care, using various oils and essences to perfume their bodies. Today, Penhaligon’s is bringing in the spotlight the mysterious air of Egypt with Oud de Nil and Alizarin, two very different perfumes, which have one main component in their structure. And that is the personality of Egypt. If you were always fascinated by the land of the Pharaohs, you have the opportunity to be carried away in the forever enchanting atmosphere of Egypt with the help of these perfumes.

IMG_1928 (3)IMG_1947Oud de Nil was created to follow a story near the Nile River, the life giver of Egypt. A journey on the river, both for fishing or for trading goods, was and still is a large part of the everyday life of the Egyptians. The breeze of the Nile is so well sealed inside of a small bottle, the perfume started with fresh notes of grapefruit and bergamot, continuing with some of the most appreciated essences of the Nile trade route, like rose, geranium, orange flower, and jasmine. And, in the end, just like hot and dry sunset, the perfume ends in notes of resin, Guaiac wood, amber, oud, and, of course, papyrus. From start and until the end, you will live in a different world due to this perfume, having the impression that hot air of Egypt is right around the corner. It is a perfume that can be easily worn throughout the day, due to its fresh and rather aquatic notes, even if it ends with specific sweet woody essences.


Alizarin, a perfume that makes your mind imagine a beautiful and mysterious princess of Egypt, needs a bit more personality for wearing it. If you don’t understand the culture and mysticism of Egypt, you may consider this perfume a bit awkward. It is sweet and intense, with a specific floral-oriental touch, perfect for a woman that just reached the peak of her maturity, understanding that she is as precious as the essences carried with so much care from the Middle East to the faraway lands. Having a base that transmits a lot of messages and feelings right from the start, due to the exotic mix of mandarins, mimosa, iris, narcisse, and tuberose, this perfume will let everybody be aware of your arrival. It heart will be composed out of olibanum, vetiver, leather, and oud, showing a secure and mature woman, who is ready to impress with her presence alone.

Are you already spellbound by these perfumes?

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