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The Land Of A Thousand Islands: Why Your Next Vacation Should Be Croatia

by luxirare

Benefiting from both the beautiful architecture of a bygone era, and the gorgeous weather, land and seascape of the Mediterranean, Croatia truly is a sight to behold. With nearly 6km of coastline to explore, and the wonderous Dinaric Alps to hike up, the geography of Croatia has a variety of features. As well as this natural beauty, you’ll find exceptional structures amongst the cities and towns, harking back to the renaissance era. Read on to find out why you should experience this majestic land.

History And Architecture
A large portion of the buildings in Croatia are Romanesque or Baroque, featuring domes and stunning terracotta tiles. The country has been deeply shaped by centuries of history. The area that is now Croatia has been part of Ancient Greek culture, the Roman Empire, and the Byzantine Empire, sitting in the midst of the great Mediterranean civilizations of history. There are a great number of amazing historic locations to visit, like Diocletian’s Palace in Split, Pula Arena, the Euphrasian Basilica in Poreč, and of course, the impressive Walls of Dubrovnik. It will take a lot of planning to visit everything but it’s also a great excuse for return visits. 

The Adriatic Sea
There’s a reason this place is called The Land of a Thousand Islands. In fact, there are many more than a thousand islands. If we’re being specific though, 78 of those are true islands whilst the rest are smaller islets, rocks, and reefs. This variety presents a fantastic opportunity for those wanting to find some sense of adventure on the waves. Searching for yachts to rent in Split, Croatia’s second largest city, and sailing out amidst the islands is a wonderful idea for a more unique holiday with friends. You can even opt to hire a skipper to take care of the sailing or skipper the yacht yourself.

Croatia is rich in flora and fauna, with it being estimated to have between 50,000 to 100,000 species of animals and plant life. Inland you’ll be able to see bears, boars, wild cats, and wolves. If you take a boat out, you may even spot some bottlenose dolphins, sea turtle or the critically endangered monk seal. One of the main concerns for those going out to sea is obviously the chance of bumping into sharks. Whilst they are around, even the big and notorious great white sharks, attacks are very rare and the last one happened in 2008. This wasn’t even a tourist, it was a spear fisherman who had tied one of his catches around his waist which attracted a much larger, hungry fish. He still survived the ordeal.

They say the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest, and tastiest in the world. They’re not wrong. Croatian menus are a delightful combination of delectable sea food and also central European influences such as schnitzels. Pasta and risotto dishes are incredibly popular, as well as the myriad of different sweets and desserts on offer like traditional baklavas and strudels. You won’t run out of things to try, so make sure to bring your appetite.

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