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The indispensable trench

by luxirare

”All a woman needs to be chic is a raincoat, two suits, a pair of trousers and a cashmere sweater.” Hubert de Givenchy

Erm… I don’t agree with Hubert, but for the sake of this blog post, let’s say things are like this. In fact, his message about simplicity is the essence of a versatile wardrobe and classic design. In other words, the clothes mentioned earlier are the kind you can wear for years, season after season. Trends, by their nature, are changing. Buying according to trends is a tiring and expensive process, and the reward – a short moment of happiness follower by years of rolling your eyes when you’ll see yourself in photos – it’s simply not worth to bother. Okay, this doesn’t mean that once in a while, certain modern cuts should not make their way to your wardrobe, but they should be used with a good sense of judgement – just like the spices you use in your recipes.


Anyway, getting back to the subject of this post… Every time I have the chance, I advise my friends to invest in a beautiful trench. I find it ideal for spring and autumn, it is the kind of clothing item that can be matched with almost any attire: smart casual with dark colored jeans and a pair of booties; casual with the same pair of jeans, but with Converse sneakers or flats. It provides a cut that fits all silhouettes, ages, and lifestyles. You just need to find the one that fits you best.

Trenches can be classified in the following styles, according to their cuts and materials:

Smart casual – when they are made out of gabardine or slicker and can be matched with a pair of jeans, a funny T-shirt, sneakers, and a messenger bag.

Business casual – when they are made out of thin toile or gabardine with a satin finish and look great when worn with trousers (slim or boot-cut), a shirt, jacket, high heel shoes, and a large handbag.

Elegant – when they are made out of a shiny material and worn over cocktail dresses, with a pair of sexy sandals and an envelope clutch.

Spring trenches are different from the autumn trenches, which mostly come in classic cuts, with long sleeves, and a row or two of buttons. The others are trendier, more colorful, shorter, and with ¾ sleeves.


There are a few things you should know before purchasing one:

Trenches don’t have to be too classic or elegant, like those featured by Burberry. They can have a sporty or trendy cut. For instance, new volume cuts led to flared trenches, without waistbands, which can be just as coquette as the rest.

Spring trenches are, usually, made out of thinner materials, have brighter colors, and can have shorter sleeves than the ones that appear in stores in the autumn. Still, if you choose your trench carefully, you can wear a single one in both seasons.

Choose your trench according to your lifestyle. If you know you prefer dressing sportier, look for one with a casual cut and brighter color. If you need one to wear over a suit or coat and skirt, opt for a trench with a more elegant cut and material. It is worth knowing that it is easier to wear an elegant trench with a sporty attire, than the other way around.

I have four trenches (yes, I couldn’t help myself!). One of them is beige, classic, stopping right above my knees. I wear it during spring and autumn and, honestly, I cannot picture my wardrobe without it. I wear it with anything, just as I mentioned in the beginning (I do what I preach): with jeans and Converse shoes, with jeans and stiletto heels, over dresses, and the sexiest suit I own.

The others are colorful and have trendy cuts, none of them is sporty. One is green, flared, and with lantern sleeves – it’s the only one that can be considered semi-casual.

Another is red, tight around my waistline, with a wide belt and having the lower part flared like a 50s skirt. It’s classy because the material has a satin finish, although it looks amazing with blue jeans, a T-shirt with marine stripes, and Converse shoes.

Finally, the third one is black, having a similar cut with the red one, but made out of thick material suitable for autumn. I just started my hunt for a metallic trench.

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