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The handbag for beginners

by luxirare

A woman can never have “too many” handbags (or shoes… or earrings… or bras). Otherwise, how would she cope if she had to wear outfits that have different colours for the evening than the ones worn during the day, attends a cocktail, jumps from one plane to another, or chases her children? The many various situations trigger as many attires and different handbags.

There are many occasions when we actually need a particular type of handbag and, for each of these situations, we should have at least one sample. If you have one single handbag – that black one that you think it’s good for everything – you definitely need to go shopping and look for a handbag sale to not break the bank.

What is the minimum of your handbag inventory? Here is a list of handbag essentials that will help you get started.

A brown day handbag. This one you will wear with clothes of any color, except black clothes (although, ideally, you should get some colored bags as well).

A black day handbag. What do you know, it is not as practical as the brown one, as you may have thought, because it can be worn only with black, white, grey, or sand-beige clothes.

A textile funky handbag.  It should be embellished with beading, sequins, or flowers, being more than perfect for the week-end or for a girls’ night out downtown. It is a bag that you will never wear at the office.

An evening bag. It is much preferred for this bag to match with your jewellery. If you like rhinestones or diamonds, buy a silver one. If you like gold, get a gold one. If all your evening dresses are black, get one that is coloured.

A travel bag. It should be one that is easy to carry around, one with wheels would be much preferred and/or with a shoulder strap, which must fit in the compartment above your head inside the plane. The dimension makes it suitable for weekend escapades –  as it is not too small, and not too large.

A bag for the beach. Pick a bag that has a insertion that is easy to wash or wipe, just in case your sunscreen lotion spills inside.

A mini-bag. This is a bag that is slightly bigger than a wallet, for those occasions when you will have with you only what is strictly necessary (keys, phone, card).

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