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The Good, The Bad, and The Lovely Parts of Swapping to Natural Deodorant

by luxirare
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Most natural beauty and skincare products are effortless switches. But, when it comes to natural deodorant, there are often a few bumps in the road that you have to get over in order to become a true believer. While the switch may not be as effortless, the benefits far outweigh the potential hurdles.

Considering the switch from harmful traditional deodorant to a natural option? Here’s the inside scoop that you want to know.

The Good

Safe Ingredients

There are two main products to keep you smelling fresh. Store-bought antiperspirants are designed to keep you from sweating. These products inhibit your body’s natural detoxifying process which can cause clogged hair follicles. There’s also deodorants which prevent you from smelling.

The problem with these products, namely antiperspirants, is that they inhibit your body’s ability to sweat. This is a natural process that allows your body to detoxify and cleanse itself. By decreasing the sweat that your body produces, you’re more likely to have a buildup of toxins in your body.

Aside from blocking the body’s natural detoxifying and cleansing process, traditional deodorants contain all sorts of harmful ingredients. Some of the most common ingredients include parabens, aluminum compounds, triclosan, silica, triethanolamine, and diethanolamine. These chemicals have been linked to an increased risk of certain forms of cancer, endocrine and hormone disruptions, and even organ damage.

By switching to natural deodorant, you’ll have the peace of mind that all of the ingredients are safe. Common ingredients include essential oils, bentonite clay, activated charcoal, magnesium, and zinc oxide. Zinc oxide, one of the more commonly used natural ingredients, works by reacting with the fatty acids that cause your armpits to smell. The zinc oxide neutralizes the odors by converting them to zinc salts.

No Impact to Natural Bodily Functions

Store bought antiperspirants work by using chemicals, namely aluminum chlorohydrate, that minimize the amount of sweat that the body produces. Instead of inhibiting the body from using its natural processes, all-natural deodorants work by controlling odor that occurs in the armpits. By keeping the area properly moisturized, bad body odor can be controlled.

Instead of keeping your body from sweating, natural options simply take the stink out of the process. The best natural deodorant will leave you feeling and smelling fresh all day long thanks to ingredients like clays and activated charcoal that absorb moisture.

The Bad

The Dreaded Purge Stage

After using traditional deodorant for years, there’s likely a buildup of all sorts of toxins and bacteria in your armpit area. Once you make the switch to natural deodorant, these toxins and bacteria purge their way from your body. This can make you a little smellier than usual, leading you to believe that the natural deodorant isn’t working.

Though it can be hard to walk around feeling like you smell worse than ever before, getting over the one to two week hump is well worth it. Eventually your body will balance itself back out. Once your body purges all of the unhealthy toxins and bacteria, you’re not only healthier, but you can experience the true beauty that is natural deodorant.

If you find that you tend to start to smell, just apply a few more swipes of deodorant as needed!

Not Widely Available in Stores

Walking through the deodorant aisle, you’re unlikely to come across a wide variety of natural options. If you’re looking for a selection of natural deodorants, your best bet is to visit an all-natural or organic grocery store.

Though not as quick, you’ll find there are tons of natural deodorant options online. This eliminates a trip to the store yet adds a few days for shipping. But let’s be honest, it’s worth the wait!

Sensitive-Skin Friendly

The ingredients used in natural deodorant are even friendly for those who have sensitive skin. There’s nothing worse than dealing with a rash or irritation in the armpit area. Baking soda has caused some quite painful situations for some users. Excess moisture and heat makes matters even worse!

The good news is that commonly used ingredients in natural deodorant are soothing for the skin. Many natural deodorants use pure coconut oil. Not only is this oil perfect for moisturizing the skin, it also minimizes inflammation and redness.

The Lovely

Tons of Scent Options

You may think that just because a deodorant is made out of purely natural products that the available scents will be quite limited. But this couldn’t be any further from the truth! Some of the most appealing scents like vanilla, lavender, and calendula all come from plants, so scent options are truly endless. If you’re looking for a natural deodorant that offers variety, check out Primal Life Organics.

This natural deodorant is available in a variety of scents including coconut, lavender, and more exotic scents like Black Rogue and Black Lavender which offer extra protection thanks to activated charcoal!

There are also other brands that sell deliciously smelling deodorant in scents like grapefruit, lime, tea tree oil, and even bergamot!

Pick Your Deodorant Type

Most traditional deodorants are only available in stick, roll on, or spray forms. Depending on your skin type, you could be left with rashes, redness, and irritation. When switching to natural deodorant, you’ll find that not only are there solid roll on options, some companies even offer powder deodorant.

Powder deodorant is ideal for those who experience a lot of excess moisture in the armpit region. By using a powder, the deodorant can soak up the sweat, leaving you fresh and most importantly, dry!


Making the switch to a natural skincare product is always worthwhile. There’s no better feeling than knowing you’re using harmless and all-natural ingredients to ensure that you feel fresh all day long.

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