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The Future of Luxury Travel

by luxirare

The world is currently on standstill, but with various countries slowly easing their restrictions you can’t help but wonder what the future of travel will look like. Particularly if you make a lot of international journeys. Whether you travel for business frequently, constantly crave tropical getaways, or have holiday homes across the globe – you’re going to see some changes with any trip you book. What will some of those changes look like? 

Air Travel 

There has been a significant drop in flights as people aren’t allowed to travel. The way we fly is definitely going to change. Planes are going to become more hygienic and safer for passengers. Your mind should be at rest whenever you end up booking your next flight. It’s likely there will be smaller planes and fewer people on them so you should have plenty of space. Experts have said flying will get more expensive in the long-term, so be prepared to spend a bit more than usual. 

Different Transport   

It’s likely that other methods of transport will change as well. The main priority is keeping everyone as safe as possible. Some people may actually prefer taking the train over a plane. If you think of long, winding, journeys through the European countryside, while watching the world go by – there are definitely worse ways to travel! Of course, there are those who itch to go further afield and they can get the best of both worlds by travelling by train from Clapham‌ ‌Junction‌ ‌to‌ ‌Gatwick‌ ‌airport. If you’re comfortable to travel, you can find a way to suit you.

Quality Not Quantity 

Perhaps you take up to ten trips a year without batting an eyelid. With all these changes in place, you may rethink how you travel. You could take one long trip once a year, rather than lots of mini-breaks. You’ll want to cherish your time and truly switch off from the world. Luxury can act as a distraction. You’ll want to stay clear of the big hotels and pick a more intimate spot – surrounded by nature and your loved ones. Make the most of the time on your trip, rather than going away just for the sake of it. 

None of us know exactly what’s going to happen in the future. People may not feel comfortable travelling long-distances for quite some time, but the travel industry will do their best to change that. How do you think luxury travel will change? 

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