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The Five Steps To Creating Your Dream Kitchen

by luxirare
Dream Kitchen

Enjoying your dream kitchen whilst you cook and sharing that space with your family and friends while socialising, it’s something that we all enjoy doing. But over time our kitchens can become tired and rundown, especially if you have any chefs in the house, or children who need regular snacks, drinks and meals prepared consistently. Sometimes it is just that we need something that looks a little bit nicer, and other times it’s because we have had a problem with the kitchen such as flooding or an electrical fault. Either way, there are some steps to upgrade in your kitchen, that you must follow to make sure that you end up with a suitable Kitchen that you enjoy spending time in. Following the steps should hopefully help you get to a happy outcome with your kitchen updates.


So you know what it is you don’t like about your kitchen, and what you need to upgrade, and you have made the decision that Granite Transformations will be involved, so planning the rest should be easy. Making sure that you have an idea about where your sink is going, and of course, how this will affect any time you spend in your kitchen, is the fun part. Are there any windows or doors that need moving? Will your new larger appliances fit in the spaces that you need? And is the practicality and vision of your dream kitchen going to match effectively? There are many people and companies who can help you design your kitchen, so the planning phase should be straightforward and enjoyable for everyone. Don’t forget that it is your kitchen and it should be planned as such. Just because a kitchen planner recommend something does not necessarily mean you need to consider it if it isn’t something that you Would like in your own home. Having a good idea and putting all the planning in place early on is essential. This will prevent any miscommunication and misunderstanding when it comes to standing in your new kitchen.


The decision-making process is ultimately yours, and anyone else who lives in the house with you who is paying towards the new kitchen. We can quite easily become influenced by other peoples opinions, or the ideals portrayed in magazines, but do you want to live in an ideal homes show, you are living in your own home, so make sure the decisions are always something you are comfortable with before you book anything at all. It is however great to have a professional on your side, whether it’s an interior designer or a kitchen designer who works for the company you are buying your kitchen from, having some expert advice isn’t a bad thing. All you need to do is make sure that person understands your needs and wants when it comes to your own kitchen upgrades and somebody who will work well in your best interest rather than trying to be too pushy. Some people are lucky enough to be able to hire a professional to work on their behalf for their all house, but some of us have to rely on online services, kitchen designers, or our own research, and either way, whatever works for you and your budget is fine. 

Prep work

Before you can have a new kitchen delivered and installed of course you need to ensure that the old one is removed, it sounds obvious but at times people have forgotten about this fact, and it’s simply a case of asking your builders or installation team to make space to remove your old kitchen. This is something that is easily sorted, but also remembering that you have woodwork to sand down, tiles to remove potentially, and walls to repair, is important to. If you don’t have a kitchen removal team, then making sure that you are putting time aside to prepare the space for your new kitchen is something that will fall upon your time, and resources. So don’t forget to take this into account. There are many tools you can use to strip paint and wallpaper and dedicated Facebook pages and groups are full of advice to get you through this all quickly. Not only that but saving money by preparing the space yourself is never a bad thing. You could even donate your old appliances to charitable organisations that help people with little income or find themselves in difficult times, especially if your upgrade is purely for style reasons since your appliances will be in great condition and Much appreciated by a charity.


Where can out the style that you prefer for your new kitchen earlier on is important, because the kitchen doors, the appliances, and even the accessories need to tie into your theme? The world is your oyster, and there are plenty of options when it comes to the decor of your new kitchen, so finding yourself on Pinterest, or inspiration boards online is a great way to find inspiration, and make decisions based on this. Knowing exactly what you like is not a bad thing, but sometimes this can be difficult if you don’t know where to get the correct tools to create these. Why not consider spicing up the decor of your kitchen by ensuring you hang some art and interesting pieces in your kitchen area? You could even add some home-made pieces to the walls, And personalise things a bit more. You could go one step further and have photos of your friends and family printed to include on an accent wall in your kitchen, this way you’ll never forget your loved ones whilst you’re cooking. Sometimes our kitchen area is a sociable and happy place for us to spend time as a family, so anything you can do to enhance this with the decor or accessories.


Appliances are a necessity in the kitchen, of course, having something to cook with, somewhere to keep your food cold, and a place to wash your clothes, are a few of the things that many homes can’t live without these days. But whether you are buying a range cooker or something basic to be getting on with, is in Tiley up to you. And many of us have our preferences. Plenty of people have a range cooker on their radar as a big goal to aim for. And whether it’s for you are not there is absolutely nothing wrong with having dreams. A large American freezer can be helpful as well as look great in a new kitchen, especially if you have a large family, or you batch cook for your family. Making sure that you read reviews about the appliances you are looking to purchase the first can save you a lot of time, money and effort in the long run since there are brands that are more reliable than others. Small appliances such as a microwave, and less of a risk when Purchasing, since the overall cost is less. But having everything working in your dream kitchen, and making sure that you don’t miss out on the creature comforts when designing your kitchen is something you may want to think through.

Finishing touches

Adding the finishing touches to your kitchen is the most exciting part. Everything has been plumbed in and is working, the decor is sorted and you have the perfect wallpaper with the perfect colours all matching ready to invite you in to cook. But adding those finishing touches such as a tea towel that perfectly complements your colour scheme, cutlery that looks high-end and gives a luxury feel to the kitchen, and that wine rack that you have wanted for years, all in place at the end of your kitchen update can make a huge difference to the overall look and feel of your dream kitchen. Many people love to take a trip to a DIY store, or homeware store with a trolley to fill up with candles, new plants, and shelving units, that will create something special and be the cherry on the cake when your friends and family come to look at your new dream kitchen. Sometimes adding a running theme through your kitchen can enhance the overall finish as well. Some popular choices might be a café theme, with pictures of coffee mugs, a high-end coffee maker, and also some brown and neutral tones in the colour scheme, or maybe a travel theme, which could include items from Italy, Spain, or Greece for example if you are a big fan of the cuisine. 

So if the thought of hosting guests at your kitchen table fills you with dread, and you really have been meaning to update your kitchen for some time, there is no time like the present. Writing a list of everything that you need to organise first, of course, is key, then once you follow the steps to ensuring that everything has been covered, you should be able to find yourself stood in your dream kitchen ready to make some pancakes. Working hard pays off and be unable to splash out on a new kitchen, and update it so that you are happy and comfortable in your new kitchen, is a reward for your hard work.

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